Beautiful blond 1 year old Colombian American girl smiling while holding Mini Mouse close to her heart
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Mom and her one year old Colombian American sharing smiles at each other
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Happy blond Colombian American wearing a coconut shell on her head
Big-hearted Colombian American baby sleeping
Joyful Colombia American baby playing before bedtime
Beautiful Colombian American toddler wearing a pink hat with a cat while holding on the a black and white kitten

An exuberant toddler crawling inside a playground tunnel

A laughing child playing in the playground
Beautiful Colombian American toddler sitting and smiling on a couch filled with colorful stuffed animals
Beautiful and happy Colombian American toddler wearing a yellow robe looks up
Gorgeous Colombian American toddler holding on to her black and white kitten
Dressed all in pink a little princess rides a mechanical horse
Smiling in her soccer shirt
Cute baby wearing a pink top and blue earings
Smiling toddler on her feet
Toddler on top of a pink unicorn
Young toddler wearing a Colombian soccer team uniform
Blond hair and blue eyes and all smiles
Toddler standing with smiles in her white butterfly dress