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Personal Matchmaking

An exclusive search for your premium match. Our Personal Matchmaking Service is for established men who have particular requirements that are not readily attainable without great effort. Your personal matchmaker will make that effort with old-fashioned footwork and modern-day networking. A dedicated team of matchmakers is assigned specifically to find the caliber of beautiful Latin women you seek as a wife. With over twenty years of experience, International Introductions dominates the discovery of Latin beauties. Tell us the exact type of exotic Latin lady you would like to marry, and we will find her. This service is for men that want that special, yet by nature elusive woman. Engage the exotic and find the love you deserve with International Introductions.

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  • Your personal matchmakers will conduct a customized search based on your specific preferences and requirements. This exclusive search for your optimum match begins when we receive your payment and continues until you tell us to stop. At any point afterward, if needed, we will continue to locate potential matches. We will search for your match on a priority basis until you find a wife.
  • Photos and profiles of potential matches will be emailed to you.
  • Translated phone calls are provided for each woman you desire to talk to.
  • Contact information is provided for each woman of interest, so that you may communicate directly with the women prior to making any plans to visit their country. A visit to meet the candidates should be planned approximately three months after we receive your payment.
  • Colombia (the consensus Latin American country with the most beautiful Latin women) is the likely local of your future wife, however, potential matches may be from any of the Latin American countries.
  • Begin the personal matchmaking process by completing our Questionnaire. Then email us professional photos of yourself along with detailed criteria (distinguishing preferences from requirements) that describe the type of Latin wife you seek.
  • The total cost of our Personal Matchmaking service is $9,900 which covers the search process. The Personal Matchmaking Purchase must be prearranged before the placement of an order. Please contact us by phone at (305) 396-6436 to determine if we can assist you.
Discover The Love You Deserve a Beautiful Latin Wife

“My experience with International Introductions has been a wonderful one. Jamie and his staff consistently exceeded my expectations. In the past year, I have met a number of attractive, interesting, and enjoyable Latinas through International Introductions, mostly from Colombia, and have had many amazing and rewarding adventures. Most were quite sincere and interested in a permanent relationship, resulting in marriage, and my journey has me engaged to a wonderful and beautiful Latina from Bogota.

I participated in the personal matchmaking service which was most suitable for me for a variety of reasons. I came to International Introductions from a slightly different perspective than most in that I speak fluent Spanish and have a home in Mexico where I had been spending quite a bit of time. I had a disappointing relationship with a girl in Mexico and after that relationship ended rather than sulk and be despondent, I got right back out there seeking another Latina. My search brought me to International Introductions and I was not disappointed.

I had been married to an American woman prior, for over three decades, and watched her change and become an angry, spiteful, and hateful person that ruined our entire family, despite my having given her a wonderful life that included multiple homes, extensive travel, complete financial security, everything she wanted including my full and complete fidelity and commitment. After that I was determined to next marry a Latina, being familiar with the language, culture, and values that place an emphasis on spouse and family, love, security, and enjoyable moments and time together rather than material possessions.

Jamie was able to provide many profiles of women that interested me, and who in turn were interested in me. I had a process of screening the women for comparability through phone conversations and messaging, and if the chemistry seemed right for both of us I would visit and spend time with them as a next step. I dated five and had more serious, long-term relationships with two, which has now narrowed to one, a person that truly wants me to make me happy as I do her. A very warm, affectionate loving, and giving woman with whom I am quite happy and on the road to marriage. I tell her almost every day that she is the Latina of my dreams.

Not all of the women that I chose, based on their looks and profile, exhibited the qualities that I described earlier, and I was not comfortable or compatible enough with many of them to proceed to the step where I visited them in their country. Jamie’s advice that the mistake most men make is not meeting enough women is spot on. However on the many occasions that the woman and I proved to be a good match, the experiences were tremendous, and I developed memories that I will have for the rest of my life.

Jamie was always there whenever I needed him for advice or additional information. He and his staff have been fully supportive throughout the process. This is not a service that just sends you pictures and phone numbers and leaves you on your own. They were there for me throughout every step.

While I admit that I have no experience with any other dating or marriage service, I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than International Introductions. I hope that everyone coming to this service seeking a Latin wife has their life elevated to the extent that mine has been.”

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