Attractive Latin Woman joining International Introductions marriage agency

Theft and Deception from International Marriage Agencies

The prevalence of dishonesty, fraud, and neglectful service from international marriage agencies is very high. We see this from two perspectives: (1) from our clients who relay their bad experiences with other marriage agencies and (2) from our own direct encounter with international marriage agencies.

The Philippine Marriage Agencies Love Us

Philippine marriage agency copying International Introductions website and referencing Filipinas

This Philippine marriage agency website stole most of its content and design from International Introductions website. A witness on an Asian mail order bride forum said it best:

“I took a look at both sites, and this isn´t just cutting and pasting photos. This guy apparently cut and pasted the whole damn website, then changed the photos and a few words around and inserted Filipina girls in place of the Latinas. He copied text word-for-word and then inserted the word Philippines or Filipina in the place of Colombia or Latina. I got a kick out of this one:

Original Latin site: “There is a reason why Colombia has the lowest divorce rate in the world; their world is centered on the family.”

Copied Filipina site: “There is a reason why the Philippines has zero divorce; their world is centered on the family.”

Actually, divorce is illegal in the Philippines, unless you are Muslim. How´s that for blatant plagiarism and outright lies? The dumb-ass even copied the copyright statement and changed “United States” to “Canada” What a dork…

International Introductions put this phony Philippine marriage agency out of business.

The Local Barranquilla Marriage Agencies Love Us

They love “borrowing” International Introductions material and ideas. “Engage the Exotic” is an International Introductions trademark protected slogan. One of our advertisement copies reads, “Engage the Exotic your opportunity for an exotic engagement discover a Latin bride.” I Love Latins (formerly Barranquilla Beauties) added to their websites affiliate page for, “Engage the Exotic your opportunity for an exotic engagement discover Latin bride.”

Promotion from a Barranquilla marriage agency stealing International Introductions trademark

Our demand for I Love Latins to remove trademark protected copy went unanswered. Many days later they changed “exotic” to “erotic” (how clever). The theft is documented and archived on The Internet Archive website.

Latin Dream Girls theft of International Introdcutions logo, Engage the Exotic

Barranquillas Best (Latin Dream Girls) also liked our slogan “Engage the Exotic” which they were using as a text link to their site on their “Spanish Dream Girls” web site a dating directory page which claims to be “The Complete List of Introduction Agencies in Latin America,” but it is really an advertisement directory for an association of agencies all under the same ownership, Latin Dream Girls (so much for honesty). Our demand that they discontinue the use of our slogan on 7/13/2004 was acknowledged and removed from their web site the next day.

But this did not stop Barranquilla´s Best continued admiration of International Introductions. We have a webpage called “Throwing Money Away” where we take quotes primarily from various Latin women forums on customer experiences using other marriage agencies. Well, Barranquilla´s Best loved our idea and did their own version titled “Wasting Your Money” and then “Wasting/Time Money” (documented and archived on The Internet Archive website), taking many of the same quotes with one primary alteration. Barranquilla´s Best announces, “These are not statements about Barranquillas Best or Latin Dream Girls.” Now if you have to say this you know something fishy is going on. Take one statement from Barranquilla’s Best webpage: “I spend 4 days sitting in the agencies office meeting no one. It was frustrating to go all the way to Colombia to meet women and then just end up sitting in an office meeting no one.” Now read the original customer complaint from this Latin women forum where the quote was derived:

Unfortunately for this unhappy client of Barranquilla Best´s not only was the statement about them and only them, but the one and only Latin woman he met scammed him for money, as noted in his later post. In 2006 Barranquilla Beauties deleted their webpage referenced above but not before the documented evidence was posted on the board under the subject heading, Going to Barranquilla.

True testimonials and complaints can be traced to a source. Find out who said what about whom and then verify the accuracy of the quote. It is unlikely an international marriage agency will tell you. Most international marriage agencies follow the precept that the bigger the lie the more likely you will believe it. International Introductions is happy to show you the source and full context of all our quoted material.

Latins Connection, another Barranquilla marriage agency that does not list a local office, also loved our slogan Engage the Exotic. They were using Engage the Exotic as a description link to their site on the dating directories. This one was from A Single Place directory:

Latins Connection: Engage the Exotic Latina. Introduction to Latin mail order brides. See pictures and videos of Latin women and Colombian women. Find a beautiful exotic Latin wife.”

Demands to remove our slogan was met with:

“This introduction is really general and it has been used for many latin marriage agencies on-line, this is the reason because we use it.” And “Engage The Exotic” is only a phrase that is present in some search engines, isn´t our slogan, is only a phrase.”

Our response:
The slogan belongs to International Introductions under the umbrella of laws that protects original work. We made it very clear to you that this was an original creation and that the proper position was for you to create your own slogan or in this case advertisement title instead of stealing ours. Even if there was no such protection after bringing this to your attention, the appropriate action should have been to create your own copy/heading instead of taking ours. But instead you try to defend your position, not from a moral ground, but a legal one. This does not speak well for the integrity of your company. Legally, we are not required to register a trademark to receive trademark protection as long as the mark is actually used in commerce (for example in advertising). “Engage the Exotic” is protected under the law even without a registration. Registration only secures added benefits beyond the rights I have all ready acquired by actually being the first party to use this trademark in commerce… Instead of just pointing me to the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” you should have read what they wrote: “You can establish rights in a mark based on legitimate use of the mark.” Now please remove any mention of “Engage the Exotic” in reference to your website Latins Connection.

Latins Connection ultimately removed all our slogans and shortly after went out of business as do 99% of all international marriage agency start-ups.

International Introductions prefers to have our customers tell you their experience. Colombia´s Best, a dubious Barranquilla marriage agency, prefers to have the owner of their website do this instead. Read how he and his shills get exposed on

The Mexican Marriage Agencies Love Us loved our trademark slogan Engage the Exotic so much that the heading was used on each page of their website.

Mexican marriage agency using International Introductions trademark, engage the exotic

The only contact information their website provides is an email with a yahoo domain. When you email them the reply you get is an auto response saying you must be a member of their Mexican marriage agency to receive any customer service and to be a member requires that you pay them. They don´t use their own domain They don´t have a phone number. And they don´t have an address. Plenty of warning signs for you to stay away, but what you don´t know is this site is an association of dozens of websites that clutter the Internet using every variation, catch word, and sex appeal they can find related to Latin women, Latin countries, or Latin cities. All the websites are under the umbrella of the parent company L.D.G International (Latin Dream Girls), and they link to each other, often sharing the same database. For example, you may be looking at one of their Mexican marriage agency sites not knowing that all the women shown are from Cali, Colombia. They use outdated women profiles, they maintain active websites where no marriage agency exist, and they are primarily interested in selling their numerous additional websites to suckers who don´t realize their affiliation will be a money losing sham. The Mexican marriage agency affiliate with Latin Dream Girls eventually removed our trademark. The evidence of the theft is archived on The Internet Archive website.

However, International Introductions continues to be a favorite source for written material for Latin Dream Girls. On their primary website updated in 2008, stole (as evidenced on The Internet Archive website) our Home Page introduction paragraph and used it for their own introduction paragraph:

International Introductions Original Copy:

“International Introductions is your opportunity to meet and marry Latin women significantly younger and more beautiful than what is locally available. With just a dash of American determination you too will discover that an exotic, young, attentive, Latin bride is attainable. International Introductions is your pathway to that exotic engagement. Embrace this opportunity and let us show you the pleasures, passions, and devotion of beautiful Latin women from South America.”

Latin Dream Girls Stolen Version:

“This is your opportunity to meet and marry a Latin bride significantly younger and more beautiful than what is locally available and avoid mail order brides services that offer less. With a bit of American desire, you too will discover a fulfilling, young, attractive Latin bride. We are your method to find that perfect woman who will make you happy forever. Embrace this opportunity and let us show you the sincerity and devotion of Latin singles from South America.”

This link from a reputable dating site gives you an example of how one of the affiliates and associates of L.D.G International (Latin Dream Girls) stole from them.

This link shows you how three affiliates and associates of L.D.G International (Latin Dream Girls) in Cali, Colombia are scams.

This link shows you why L.D.G International (Latin Dream Girls) is blacklisted by this purveyor of scam marriage agencies.

No bull-shit symbolIvan Thompson, the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Cupid” and “most trusted” matchmaker for Mexican women and American men used photos of Colombian women from International Introductions to represent Mexican brides on his website, The Cowboy Cupid claims to be, “a horse of a different color,” but when it comes to stealing International Introductions material his color is no different from other unethical international marriage agencies. His “No Bull Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions” comes directly from the International Introductions FAQ webpage. When the “ethical matchmaker BAR-NONE!” was asked to remove the stolen material, the beautiful women of International Introductions were removed, but he kept our FAQs and answers, clearly demonstrating that the Cowboy Cupid is really a Cowboy Culprit. This is documented on under the Forum of Inquiry section for unethical and unscrupulous bull-shit symbol located in Baja California Mexico asks that you be “honest and forthcoming“ with the Mexican women on their dating site. However, this Mexican agency is neither when it comes to stealing from International Introductions. Their “About“ page is mostly about us since that is where the answers to their frequently asked questions came from, International Introductions.

The Dominican Republic Marriage Agencies Love Us and its affiliated websites claim to be the leading introductions service for Dominican Republic women and the only Dominican Republic marriage agency located in the Dominican Republic. They state that their “only priority is you the customer,” and they have the customer testimonials to prove it: unfortunately, those customer testimonials come directlty from our website. When it comes to customer accolades, the introductions service they look for that is in Colombia, International Introductions. Most of this Dominican Republic marriage agency´s patchwork copy was stolen from us, International Introductions. This is documented on under the Forum of Inquiry section for unethical and unscrupulous practices.

South American marriage agency steals photo of my wife and shows her as thier member

The South American Marriage Agencies Love Us, an agency with an unspecified South American destination, used a stolen photo of my wife as an example of one their members. In February 2007 they were asked to remove her photo from their website and quickly complied. A few months later they used her photo again as an active member of their site where she still resides along with all their other false members to tempt unsuspecting men.

An agency that steals will connive in other ways also, for example, on their About Us page they claim, “For more than eight years rated the best matchmaking agency in the world, according to the renowned Federal Dating Agency Administration.” The owner of this fabricated Federal Dating Agency Administration website and the Love You Forever website are one in the same. This is documented on under the title, A Scam Agency.

Copy of Google ranking page of a marriage agency that stole International Introductions text

A company in association with the now defunct Love Me Latina agency loved our site so much that they copied every word from International Introductions and cloaked it on to hundreds of different domains. Their response and action:

“We paid someone for original work text and they must have grabbed some text elsewhere and used it verbatim. If you will provide me the text you have copyrighted, I will make sure it is removed from our sites immediately. I will work diligently with you to do so. Our sites are built using a random data compilation program and an outside contractor whom we since fired supplied text fragments, they were long since terminated. Please send us the text you wish removed and I will handle it instantly and permanently.”

As we proceed you will see no one says, “Ok, you caught me.” It´s usually an inadvertent technical reason why our material landed on their website.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, Colombian Connections of Medellin looked to International Introductions for inspiration. Evidently they were impressed, as the lead paragraph of their home page is copied verbatim from our home page. However, the owner of was even more impressed with International Introductions. They literally duplicated everything off our home page for their own and would not remove our material until we had their site suspended. This is documented on under the Forum of Inquiry section for unethical and unscrupulous practices.

While promoting his website, the owner of a Manizales agency pronounces, “Just starting a new type of marriage agency with a few twists.” But it´s the same old twist: steal from International Introductions and mislead potential customers. When the owner was confronted why he had our slogan, “Love Has No Borders” along with our artwork and photography he vanished. This is documented on, New Agency in Manizales, Colombia

The International Latin Dating Sites Love Us

The dating website Latin soul mates claims to be a “family run business” with a “reputation for honesty and integrity.” They stole most of International Introductions home page text for their own home page, providing an example of their reputation at work. The documentation of their theft is archived on The Internet Archive.

DatingWalk is an international dating site that emphatically states we are not a “mail order brides” service, but that does not stop them from stealing International Introductions copy. For their description of Latin women they went to International Introductions for such knowledge and stole our description of Colombian women. This is documented on under the Forum of Inquiry section for unethical and unscrupulous practices.

Colombian Women Girls, a proclaimed Colombian agency, which is actually only an affiliate for another Latin dating site, states on their home page, “We will help answer any questions you might have regarding Colombia.” But they should have said. “If you have any questions regarding Colombia, ask International Introductions.” If you look at their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and compare it to our FAQ page, you will see that all of the copy was stolen from International Introductions. When the website owner failed to meet his deadline for the removal of our copy, we had his website suspended. Afterwards, amusingly, the owner wrote to me disagreeing with some of my FAQ answers, but he never bothered to explain why those same FAQ answers he disagreed with were on his website. Their theft is archived on The Internet Archive. wants to provide business services in Colombia, as ”Your one stop for business help and solutions in Colombia”. Whereas their one stop solution is International Introductions where they helped themselves to one of our Colombian women photos for their page about the virtues of Colombian women.

A Latin agency by the name of Introductions to Latin Women of Colombia, claims on their home page, Our agency has been introducing Latin women to American men for over 20 years! While that is an exaggerate claim of oh, over 20 years, whats not an exaggeration is that this upstart agency stole all the copy from International Introductions home page for their home page. This is documented on under the title: Copyright Thieves.

The Bogotá Marriage Agencies Love Us

As our competitors´ source for new ideas, even international marriage agencies that have 10 plus years on us (Latin Life Mates in Bogotá, Colombia) come to International Introductions for ideas. If we are good enough for our competition to study imagine how good we must really be.

International Introductions Original Work:

“There is a reason why Colombia has the lowest divorce rate in the world; their world is centered on the family. Colombian women stay with their first family until marriage and then the tradition continues with their new family.”

Latin Life Mates Coincidental Similarity?

“There is a reason however, why Colombian woman have the lowest divorce rate in the world. Simply put, Colombian woman are extremely loyal, and once they leave their immediate family to begin a new life and start a family of their own, they dedicate themselves to keeping that family structure intact.”

International Introductions Original Work:

“Latins are the fastest growing minority in the U.S.”

Latin Life Mates Coincidental Similarity?

“Considering that Latins are the fastest growing minority in the US,”

International Introductions Original Work:

“Unscrupulous business practices in South America are real, yet the Latin beauty to discover is also real. It was from this recognition that the determination to deliver a legitimate “mail order bride” marriage agency with honest opportunities became a realization.”

Latin Life Mates Coincidental Similarity?

“These unconscionable practices are not only disgraceful, but they reflect badly on services like Latin Life Mates who provide a legitimate opportunity to bring men a new life.”

International Introductions Original Work:

“You will meet our local manager the day of your arrival for guidance on how to make your trip safe, exciting and fruitful. We know of all the precautions that will make your trip safe, enjoyable, memorable and rewarding.”

Latin Life Mates Coincidental Similarity?

“He can explain everything you will need to know in order to ensure that your trip is a pleasant, productive, and memorable one.”

International Introductions Original Work:

“What is true is you can generally knock another ten years off the minimum age you could attract in America.”

Latin Life Mates Coincidental Similarity?

“It is our experience that you can deduct about 10 years off the age of a woman you would normally date in this country.”

Latin Life Mates removed the similarities in 2008. The documentation of their borrowing is archived on The Internet Archive website.

My Colombian Wife located in Bogota provides bachelor tours and to show the success of their tours they used one of International Introductions testimonial photos. My Colombian Wife knows the best place to capture successfull tour results, and that’s from the clients of International Introductions.

The Brazilian Marriage Agencies Love Us

Here is one of our FAQ questions regarding age and Colombian women. Brazil singles (Brasilsingles) liked our answer so much that they changed Colombian to Brazilian and the reference to my wife to Juliana and used it for their own FAQ page. However there is no mention of who Juliana is from the Brazilian marriage agency as there is to my wife on International Introductions website, so their theft and name alteration without a reference to who Juliana is does not make sense. I guess when you lack ideas and integrity you miss the finer points of creative writing.


What The Other Latin Mail Order Brides Agencies Will Tell You

“Many of these Brazilian women prefer older mature men who may be double their age or more.”
“In most cases, your age or looks is not a primary concern to South American women.”
“Your looks, age and race aren´t important to Latina women.”

What My Experience With Brazilian Women Will Tell You

This is not true. Your age and looks will be the first two things they evaluate. The younger you look, the better looking you are, and the more qualities you have will dictate how young you can go. What is true is you can generally knock another ten years off the minimum age you could attract in America.

If you are 43 and able to date American women as young as 35 years old, then you should have no problem finding an even better looking 25 year old Latina bride. Yes, the degree of beauty will also substantially improve. An American version of Juliana would not notice my existence, while a Brazilian Juliana finds me exceptional, yet I´m a typical guy.

An average man with average qualities will have no problem attracting a very good looking Latin woman. Believe me, the difficulty will not be finding your level of Juliana, but trying to select from the multitudes of Juliana´s that will express an interest.”

This Brazilian agency went out of business in 2005. The theft however is documented and archived on The Internet Archive website (Select Faqs).

This pitiful looking Brazilian agency´s website archived on The Internet Archive stole our slogan Engage the Exotic. Now the website simply links to an associated or affiliated Brazilian marriage agency.

The Russian Marriage Agencies Also Love Us

Angelica Introduction was using a variety of excerpts of International Introductions copy such as:

Bride Exotic Russian
…Will Tell You Latin bride Engage the exotic Doesn´t Matter… Engage the exotic Engage the exotic What International Introductions Latin MailOrderBrides…
URL for a Russian Agency website that stole content of International Introductions

This website with our copy would then automatically reload to their Home Page (a cloaking trick). Upon demand they immediately removed our slogan and copy.

“Removed. Sorry about that. The data for the directory was collected directly from search engines so if you are protecting your trademark you should remove it from all search engines which indexed and put your trademark for public use without your permission.”

This was an invalid explanation. Search engines index websites that are copyright protected so that others can access not take.

A international marriage agency that steals from another marriage agency or uses deceptive means of doing business is not going to have any qualms about using like methods with you. These guidelines for selecting an international marriage agency can help you select an international marriage agency with integrity and capability. While the competition uses International Introductions for surface improvements you can experience the full extent of our unique method for discovering the ultimate Latin wife. Our Romance Tour is one successful match after another. The others will copy our material and use our ideas, but they will always lag behind our success rate.

Engage The Exotic, an International Introductions slogan
We Make Happen What Cant Happen Alone. One Happy Man... Many Hopeful Women
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
Love Has No Has Borders slogan for International Introductions Latin marriage agency

If They Steal From Us Will They Steal From You?

Not If You Don´t Let Them


We don´t let them.

How A Reputable International Marriage Agency Shows Appreciation For International Introductions

They Look,
They Learn
But They
Don´t Steal.

Gorgeous dark hair Latin marriage agency woman

Owner of Latin Love Search:

“I have a feeling there aren´t too many sites like ours that carry strong moral ethics and pride. We dont view you as a competitor but as an inspiration. As our site is a hybrid agency-dating site; it is growing and we hope at some point well be able to take a good niche service like ours to the mainstream so people dont get scammed like they do on. My wife, Alexandra, the true inspiration for Latin Love Search admires your work with Keep up the great work and best of good fortune with your internet ventures.”

Owner of Loyal Latin Women:

“I am starting a similar business in Peru. I realize that I will be a competitor but I admired your site so much I wanted to write and introduce myself I just wanted to let you know that I admire the way you do things and your site is absolutely splendid, the best.”

Owner of Equator Singles:

“I am sure that many people have told you your site is very good I want to congratulate both of you on the effort you have put into building your site.”