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What Happens When You Use Other Latin Marriage Agencies:

"The place is a scam. As far as I could tell none of the Latin women on the site actually belong to the agency and the photos are either outdated, the women don´t exist or some maybe are prostitutes. If you pay and take a trip to Cali, expect to meet very average-looking women through his contact there. Far from the quality of women who are posted on his web site."

"Generally, this morally and ethically-challenged marriage agency overstates their results in all aspects of their business. They have done a pretty good job of stinking up Europe, run questionable tours to Thailand, and run marriage tours to the Philippines that seem to be proscribed by law in that country. If you look into prior postings about them here you will find that the experiences of members here have been less than stellar."

"I also told (Cartagena Marriage Agency) that you have at least 2 prostitutes on your site. He didn´t want to even address it. He is a con man and a rip-off artist."

"(Latin Marriage Agency Owner) refuses to answer direct questions and I don´t have any further information to add about my trip. However, I do feel that the website is misleading and in some cases fraudulent. He was also dishonest about verbal representations he made."

"(Cartagena Marriage Agency) provided you with way too much dead time and false leads. I question why they continue to have all those babes on the website if 90% of them are available to stand men up and give them false hopes (based on the trip reports). Interesting story about the woman who looked and smelled like a drug addict. Those type of woman should be booted from agencies and purged from the website, IMMEDIATELY if not sooner."

"(Latin Marriage Agency) promises a lot, but fails to deliver on many items. The Latinas on the website are outdated, and a lot are not available. His reputation is terrible."

"(Medellín Marriage Agency) and his crew are wolves in sheep´s clothing. Crooks is the more definitive description of this outfit."

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"Yeah (Latin Marriage Agency) picked the hottest photos from all the other legitimate marriage agencies and acts like they´re his women! Of course. Copy and paste how easy is that?!"

"(Latin Marriage Agency) suggested prostitutes on a number of occasions as a way to make up for their inability to contact more women."

"(Cartagena Marriage Agency) are without question the most unethical, dishonest people ever to do business in Colombia."

"I did not have luck meeting ANY of the Latin women that they said were available! I noticed the hot women I attempted to contact are still on their website, one year later!"

"In 2003 the agency was shooting photos of models and dancers that were staying at the hotel while performing in Cartagena. These women were all 9´s and 10´s and were easily twice the women of the offerings at the socials. These photos were placed on the website and identified as being photos of girls from the party. NONE of these girls ever attended the party, joined the agency at any time, or were at any time interested in the guys on the tour. The company was accused of the same thing in 2002, 2004, and 2005."

"(Cartagena Marriage Agency) First he sabotages his guest´s trips & makes sure they meet no women, then he figuratively gives them an exit wedgie by calling them liars and jaundiced losers."

"This is not the first time that I´ve heard about (Latin Marriage Agency) assisting customers in acquiring the services of prostitutes. I personally know a customer of (Latin Marriage Agency) and he told me that the (manager) went through their female client base and identified which women would be willing to accept money for sex!"

"During the meal the conversation eventually came around to (Latin Marriage Agency) and her profile there. To my surprise, she had asked the agency to remove her profile because she felt that there was prostitution going on with certain female members and she did not want to be associated with that. Her profile still remains on the web site against her wishes."

  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden
  • Colombian woman standing in front of garden

"Why would anyone be foolish enough to use (Latin Marriage Agency) after seeing this dude in action first hand? (Latin Marriage Agency) business philosophy: The customer is always wrong. Give this guy your money and then watch as he publicly insults his customers, calls them malicious liars, accuses them of being Satan, and even suggests that they are subversive government propaganda operatives (?) or that they are too ugly to succeed."

"Originally I sent (Latin Marriage Agency) a list of more than 30 women. After meeting three women, (Latin Marriage Agency) had one other woman that was available. She was not on my original list and frankly not my type. I asked (Translator) what women were available and he indicated that nobody else was. Amazing. 33 galleries and approximately 330 women and nobody was available. Hence my decision to leave early."

"I can´t think of much worse representatives for the “introduction business” then (Cali Marriage Agency)."

"It was ridiculous how many no-shows there were. I wasted so much valuable time unnecessarily and the staff did not admonish them. That is bad business. My time is way too valuable to be sitting and waiting for my date. The problem was that it was not just a few no-shows, but way too many to count. It also happened to another gringo using (Medellín Marriage Agency)."

"I joined the basic membership and 8 out of 12 emails came back undeliverable. One Latin woman wrote me back to tell me she is married and living in the United States. She said they won´t take her profile off the site."

"The number of ´unavailable ladies´ is a bit concerning since it amounts to 35% right off the top, and of course they are some of the most attractive women. I am sure there are enough attractive ladies without having a site with so much ´dead wood.´"

"I´ve personally purchased over 100 addresses in the last year with not one reliable contact."

"I did pay for an email membership and a personal listing from (Latin Marriage Agency), but never received any email addresses. I never received a bio form. I never received a response to my email asking what´s going on or to my phone messages. I never got a response."

"I joined (Latin Marriage Agency) one month ago, sent letters to 30 plus of their ladies, and not one single response."

"Concerning (Cartagena Marriage Agency), be prepared to get ripped off. He is the lowest in the species called; ´agency owners.´"

"You´re are absolutely right. I used (Barranquilla Marriage Agency) when I was Barranquilla. He will nickel and dime you and charge you for things you didn´t know about. He´s no good."

"My wife´s information has been on the site for 3.5 years. She wrote them repeatedly to take her off the site, which they ignored."

"I informed (Medellín Marriage Agency) about two women that had written to me: A ´business lady´ that wanted to meet just for money, and a scammer. The agency didn´t do anything. They are still on their web page."

"When we land, I´m the first one off the plane. I breeze through customs in 5 minutes. I get outside smiling because this is going great. I look, and look, and look, and look, and look, and I´m sure you figured it out. No one is there to pick me up. They can smell a distressed gringo, and soon I was surrounded by people who wanted to ‘help’. I´m being poked and having my sleeve tugged quite a bit, and I´m not liking it."

"The first marriage agency I saw on the internet that had a Cali office had this deal where you pay $100 for six month´s unlimited correspondence with their ladies. I paid $100 for Cali and another $100 for Barranquilla about one month ago. I sent 30 letters to Cali, in Spanish, and about 10 to Barranquilla. They have tours and go under the names (Latin Marriage Agencies). Sorry to say that I never received a single answer. I met in Cali this week about 5 ladies I had written and none of them had received any letter from me nor even heard of this agency."

"I recently purchased the $99 membership to (Latin Marriage Agency) because I thought it would be a good way to pre-screen some women prior to visiting them. However, I have yet to receive a single response to any of my approximately ten e-mails."

"I was aware of the bad press this agency received (Barranquilla Marriage Agency). Nonetheless, I decided to buy the tape and catalog. Sure enough there were many with direct email addresses. I decided to email ten. Eight of the email addresses came back ‘undeliverable’. The other two wrote to tell me they were married and living in the United States. One said she had contacted the agency numerous times to have here profile removed from the book. Obviously it wasn´t. I probably would have went on the tour, but I figured that emailing ten women first would be a good way to test the waters, so to speak. When all were unavailable, it changed things."

"I sent twenty letters, regular mail to ladies via a different agency and also got no responses."

"I have tried a few other introduction services and have had absolutely no results."

"(Latin Marriage Agency) seems to be unresponsive. I have asked three times and no answer."

"I was hoping to get some email responses but none so far."

Hot Latina wearing shorts with long black hair

"They are sleazy – especially the owner – and I really was unimpressed with their women."

"I´ve always been attracted to Latin women and have been receiving catalogs from (Latin America Marriage Agency) for a couple years. I have purchased addresses and catalogs full of addresses, written letters and received little response."

"When it comes to website photos, I know of horror stories at several Latin agencies. A friend of mine decided to visit a reputable marriage agency in Cali and had three ladies selected in advance from the website. The owner assured him that he would meet them when he arrived in Cali. Well, when he arrived he discovered that one lady was engaged, another has been trying to get her photo out of the books for months, and the third lady had a boyfriend. The lack of updated websites seems to be a universal problem among Latin agencies, at least in my experience."

"My last experience, while browsing through many Latin introduction agencies, has been a big disappointment. I paid a $300 membership to (Latin Marriage Agency) and sent my biographical data as well as pictures and the response I got from his staff was, ‘What are you, man or woman?’ Funny, right! I agree, but not at the cost of $300 dollars."

"There are a ton of them who are already married, engaged, have lost interest, or have never given permission to be listed in the first place. (Latin Marriage Agency) will give the guy a free address or three to shut him up, and then will go on selling the address forever knowing full well it is an act of fraud."

"(Cali Marriage Agency), this site with all the models, and one lady started writing me back. We had about two weeks of daily emails, but she never really answered any questions I put to her. When I told her I was going to Cali, and asked when we could meet she said to call the office. I was told it would cost me $200 to meet their ladies. Whether it was one or all of them it was the same price. I think this is a rip off. This price should have been disclosed on the (Cali Marriage Agency) website."

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"1: Addresses are old and never updated. Some women have even married or no longer want to be in the program.

 2: Some ladies did not give consent for their photos to be listed.

 3: Cities are not stated in any profiles. Brazil is a huge country and it would help knowing where the lady lives to concentrate ones time, energy, and money doing visits.

 4: Incorrect profile information.

 5: As you stated, the attractive ladies get deluged with letters. Having your letter stand out among 100´s is unlikely at best even if she is reading them.

 6: Their customer service leaves much to be desired."

"I would suggest very strongly that you do not use (Latin Marriage Agency). In short, they take your money for a period of membership and promise to deliver at least a certain number of addresses in that time. What they really do is not supply the addresses you request and then stall for most of the time until your membership runs out and then refuse to do anything because your membership has run out. Additionally, their online ordering system never worked and no explanations were ever given as to why and no attempt was ever made to fix it. Each time I mentioned this I was totally ignored."

"It has been two years since my last visit to (Latin Marriage Agency) site, and amazingly the photos are exactly the same!!"

"I spent four days sitting in the agency´s office meeting no one. It was just frustrating to go all the way to Colombia to meet women for marriage and then just end up sitting in an office meeting no one."

"They have got to be one of the worst agencies in Barranquilla. The books are outdated, the woman that do show look nothing like the women in the books (hint: an extra 15 pounds)."

"(Cali Marriage Agency) are a bunch of crooks."

"One thing for sure: Avoid (Cali Marriage Agency) at all costs."

"And to make matters worse the (Barranquilla Marriage Agency) translator did nothing to stop this, but he encouraged them to rip off the gringo."

"The (Barranquilla Marriage Agency) website says she is engaged to a "Very Happy tour gentlemen." If she is engaged why does the same website show her profile as available?"

“I sent (Cali Agency) a list of about 18 ladies. Only one of the ladies I got introduced to was on my list.

“I met her 6 years ago and she was my 1st date. She has the same photos from 6 years ago!!!

“This (Marriage Agency) site hasn’t been updated for at least 2 years.

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  • A small group of women meeting one man during a Latin romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a Latin romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a Latin romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a Latin romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a Latin romance tour

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