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Stay a Step Above the Best Hotels in Barranquilla

International Introductions has superb room accommodations within 25 minutes of the Caribbean. Expect comfort, security, peace and quiet, attentive service and attractive surroundings in a relaxed setting with lush gardens within close proximity to most dating activities, all at a price lower than the best hotels in Barranquilla.

You´ll be just 1 to 3 blocks from restaurants, bakeries, cafes, shops, a grocery store, a casino, and ten minutes from the best shopping and dining in Barranquilla.

We provide what no hotel in Barranquilla provides: Personalized care and support for your best interest and enjoyment in a home-like setting with all the modern amenities to allow you and your guest to feel that you are where you want to be.

Studio with Internet Access

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Attractive Colombian woman seated in front of  computer.

Attractive Women

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Barranquilla woman standing on a bedroom balcony.

Smiles and Support

A Colombian lady standing on a large balcony overlooking the swimming pool.
Head-shot of a Barranquilla woman laying on a hammock.

Interesting Surroundings

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Barranquilla woman standing and modeling the decor of the lodging.

Comfortable and Clean

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Colombian woman relaxing on a chair in the Barranquilla apartment public area.

All Accessories Made by Local Artisans

Barranquilla woman modeling the lodging accessories.
Barranquilla woman standing in front of artisans accessories.

Studio with Internet Access

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Beautiful Latin woman in front of artisan mask made in Colombia.

Entertain in Secluded Tropical Gardens

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Lodging Amenities Include:

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  • Computer with high speed wireless internet.
  • Free phone calls to the States and Canada.
  • DirecTV satellite cable with NFL football.
  • Music.
  • Voltage 110/120.
  • King or queen size beds.
  • Air-conditioned bedrooms.
  • Private bath with hair dryer & bathroom sundries.
  • Private lockable closet door for valuables.
  • All kitchen utilities for cooking & eating.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Patio with outdoor barbecue grill.
  • Trustworthy female house administrator.
  • Maid service.
  • Upper-middle-class residential neighborhood.
  • Restaurants, bakeries, cafes, casino, and supermarket (1-3 blocks).
  • List of suggestions for restaurants & dating activities.
  • Private club swimming pool (3 blocks).
  • Gym (6 blocks)
  • Within 10 minutes to the malls.

The world´s largest online men´s publication Askmen lists Barranquilla, Colombia, as the number 3 suggested destination for single men: "Many men have met their future wives at this heaven-on-earth destination; just ask around." Accommodation venues are subject to change, please contact us for current details. Reserve your stay well in advance to secure your desired dates. Airport pickup will be arranged for those who have paid for a translator. Price per night is $100.

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No Charge for Overnight Guest

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With us you can avoid the problems these men had with hotels in Barranquilla and Colombia

"I spent four horrible nights in this disgusting Barranquilla hotel about a week ago. I could hear everything happening in the hotel, from the door man talking, to the front door buzzing in the middle of the night, or the restaurant setting tables at 5a.m. The bed mattress was so old and stained that it was repulsing. The toilet seat was pealed and stained. I hardly slept with all the noise, and the price I paid was outrageous."

"It´s the worst hotel I stayed in while in Colombia. I stayed one night, but the next day moved to a new place. They showed me two rooms and both were falling apart. The neighborhood is bad as well."

"I paid $4000 for one month at the Barranquilla hotel. What a rip-off for a room that had seen better days. For the rest of my life, I will always look for these boutique type hotels when I travel, rather than the huge corporate types."

"The hotel in Barranquilla had very nice rooms with a flat screen LCD TV, which was very memorable EXCEPT equally as memorable, were the BED BUGS!!! I had nasty red marks all over my ankles and wrist!! They took two weeks to fade. Very odd as the hotel looked VERY new and was remodeled recently."

"After you leave the hotel room they come in and go through your stuff, they don´t steel anything but CASH, ONLY CASH, and sure thing, the one time I forgot to put the locks on my luggage, because I was in a rush, was the day I came back to the hotel late and they went through my things and stole the cash."

"Street vendors are not generally allowed inside the hotel lobby or any of their other facilities. There is no way to get away from the constant hassle from someone on the beach and streets trying to sell you something. They can be very aggressive. They will pounce on you as soon as you walk out the hotel entrance onto the street."

"I was not happy because the hotel room had a very bad odor from the smoking and the bedding was old and looked very dirty in addition to smelling funky!"

"When I entered my room I found all my valuable belongings, lap top, camera, as well as cash from the safe box in the room, had been stolen. It looked like an inside job since the entrance door was not broken, but the safe box was broken. The hotel management wouldnt accept any responsibility and the police here are worthless."

"They have a very bad reputation for not keeping reservations, and I had to call three times to ensure they had mine. Each time I called they acted like they never heard of me before, even though I had an email confirmation."

"My friend stayed at that Barranquilla hotel and had money stolen from him. It was kept in their safe and I guess the night "assistant manager" made off with it."

"The beds looked and smelt like they´d been bought from a thrift shop and the sag was so bad that you really couldn´t get any sleep."

"Buses park in front of the hotel so it gets very noisy, especially after 4 or 5 a.m., and the exhaust from the buses can be very uncomfortable. Not recommended as a place to sleep in."

"I made a reservation at the hotel in Barranquilla a month back, confirmed a week before, and then arrived to find they didn´t have room for us."

"After I killed a mouse, my girlfriend and I saw another mouse in the bedroom the very next day."

"But when I got there the hotel room was way too small, like hobbit size; no room to move and the toilet seat was missing."

"I wouldn´t recommend staying at that Barranquilla hotel; it is not the most pleasant place, especially at night (noisy, polluted, pickpockets aplenty)."

"Twenty-one tourists were robbed by armed and hooded men inside a hotel. The victims complain but there has been no response from local authorities whatsoever."

"The linen on the bed was dirty and had not been changed, and I got bed bug bites."

"Only stay here if you can deal with the hotel owner´s sarcastic horrible attitude, very unfriendly."

"After pulling down the sheets I notice that the bed comes equipped with a collection of bugs."

"It gets noisy at night due to the clubs. This noise carries right into your hotel room from outside."

"There is a balcony, but no view, just a view of the back of a building."

"The hotel was not too bad, besides the rats."

"The Barranquilla hotel had really hard beds and was a bit on the pricey side."

"The hotel room had a bad aroma."

"The hotel room was dirty and dark."

"My room had a spectacularly bad smell to it."

"I got my camera stolen right out of the hotel."

"Some rooms have a bit of an ash tray smell."

"The external rooms with balconies are noisy at night."

"Rooms are small and bathrooms are tiny."

"The hotel room was incredibly noisy due to several clubs on the street pounding out music until 3a.m."

"At night, my room had hundreds of roaches, particularly on the bed."

"I used the air-conditioning and it was very noisy with lots of exhaust!"

"The water in the bathroom had a slight salt content."

"It is not unknown for whole hotels to be robbed at gunpoint in Colombia."

"Realistic odds are 50/50 on getting ripped off in a Colombian hotel."

We Make Happen What Can´t Happen Alone

  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour

One Happy Man… Many Hopeful Women

When Is the Best Time to Visit Barranquilla?


A beautiful Latin bride representing the class of wife you can find on our Romance Tours

There is no one best time to visit Barranquilla. You have the Barranquilla Carnival through one week in February when some of the locals leave town due to the influx of outside visitors, and in July some of the college girls will vacation away from the city when school is out. But these variations are very minor, so the best time to go is when it is best for you.