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English Lessons in Barranquilla, Colombia

English lessons being taught to a student in Barranquilla, Colombia.

We teach private English lessons, the quickest and best way to learn. We do not use tapes, computers or CD´s. The lessons are human to human under flexible schedules best suited for the student. Our emphasis is not only teaching good written and spoken English, but also preparing and supporting your fiancée to adapt and understand her future modern American environment. Your fiancée will also be able to associate with other women preparing to leave the country. This creates a fellowship for friendships and contacts in the United States that can provide added support and comfort.

Most of our teachers have taught English at the university level and many have lived in the States. Their maturity, dedication and experience provides an extra edge in guiding the student into a new language and cultural assimilation. Your fiancée will learn many of the practical, basic requirements of everyday life to which we never give any thought, but will be unfamiliar to your new bride. The learning program is personalized to your fiancées needs. It is an intensive and disciplined program that encourages the women to learn quickly and accurately.

Of utmost importance, as your distant agent you can expect our honest appraisal and aid on all matters that cannot be seen or done by you. We will oversee what is in the best interest for you and your fiancée with added support and open feedback at no extra cost. We have helped with the immigration paperwork for Americans, Canadians and Australians and have counseled the women in personal matters to prevent complications and difficulties. All the girls become friends with our translators and teachers and have open access to us. Our involvement has provided our male clients with valuable insight they would not get elsewhere.

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Differences in Our Teaching Program and Other English Institutes in Barranquilla

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Some of our instructors have lived outside of Colombia and have better English speaking skills with less of an accent than other local instructors. The instructors we use were selected from dozens of applicants to ensure that we have the best that Barranquilla offers in teaching credentials and integrity. They all have a genuine interest in the student´s advancement.

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All English schools are not the same, and price is not the determining factor of the true skill level of the instructor or the quality of the teaching program. The advantage of private English lessons over group lessons cannot be overstated. All of our students receive one-on-one instruction. Women who select their own teachers usually select friends or acquaintances and don´t learn very much. Prior to starting our English program, we received feedback from our customers that their fiancées were not receiving adequate instruction from the local English institutes. Men complained that their fiancées were not learning fast enough, and they were right. We even got complaints of male instructors picking up on students or saying negative things about Americans. These are the reasons why we decided to provide English instruction that would provide the kind of service our customers expect and deserve.

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We are the only program that teaches cultural adaptation and etiquette. Almost all of the women’s expectations of living in the United States are skewed. We teach them practical and proper matters that will allow the women to prepare for and better understand the American life. This will make the start of your relationship much better when your fiancée moves to the U.S. Our emphasis on educating the woman to the higher standards of her new social standing and to the necessary communication skills required will greatly facilitate her cultural transition.

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If your fiancée has a solid foundation in English when she arrives in the States her employment options will be significantly enhanced. If desired, one can immediately apply for a Social Security number and employment permission even prior to marriage.

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We run a disciplined program. In Colombia, where money is short, the student dictates to the teacher. It is more important to keep a happy paying student even if it is at the expense of pushing the student to a higher level at a faster rate. We don´t operate like the locals in this regard. We do not pamper our students. We coach the women to be self-motivated and appreciative of your generosity and this special opportunity. We stress learning and understanding the significance of the changes that will be taking place as well as the necessary effort and changes she will need to undertake to make your lives together more enjoyable. If the student is not meeting her obligations, we will let you will know. We have lost students because of our forthright feedback to our clients. The men rightfully conclude that if the woman is not applying herself, he is not going to pay for classes. No other English school here would provide information like this and jeopardize losing a student. We will and do. You will always know the truth when dealing with us. Our primary concern is the long-term implications that support a healthy and lasting relationship.

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I manage all aspects of our teaching program to make sure we do what is in the best educational interest of the student that is of complementary interest to you. You can be assured we will always watch your back.

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