Very beautiful 3 month old American Colombian baby with bright blue eyes
Love Has No Borders

Danica Alejandra

Mom: What a surprise! The baby of my dreams. When I was a little girl, my parents gave me, as a Christmas gift, a blonde blue-eyed doll. I told my family that this would be how my future daughter would look, they all laughed, but it was still my dream. When I was 20 years old, one of my sisters persuaded me to enroll in a marriage agency, International Introductions. What good fortune. I saw a tall man who I knew would be the father of my children and my future husband. Three years later on a special spring day I had my baby for the first time. My heart leapt with joy when I saw her beautiful bright blue eyes. My silly little girl dreams not only became a reality, but they surpassed everything I had wanted. My magic doll came to life, a beautiful Colombian American baby whose love, beauty, joy, and amazement grows with every little heartbeat.

Colombia mom and new American Colombian born baby sleeping close together for the first time at the hospital bed
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Smiling four month old American Colombian baby wearing her pink rabbit Halloween costume
Beautiful American Colombian baby chewing on toy giraffe
Beautiful baby sitting on bed staring with her brilliant blue eyes
Three month old American Colombian baby with blue eyes and new smile
Beautiful American Colombian baby sleeping on top of Colombian mom's chest
Beautiful one year old Colombian American girl holding a yellow mango to her cheek
Very happy American Colombian baby with mouth wide open while wearing a yellow duck robe
Excited American Colombian baby beauty holding on to a small white bunny rabbit