International Introductions

Personal Matchmaking
A Customized Search for Your Dream Wife

The total cost of our Personal Matchmaking service is $9,900 and covers the search process, not our lodging and communication services. The Personal Matchmaking Purchase must be prearranged prior to the placement of an order. Please contact us by phone (305) 396-6436 to determine if we are able assist you.

International Introductions only accepts 4 forms of payment. electronic fund transfers (bank wires), checks, money transfers (least preferred) and Zelle (most preferred, a person-to-person payments service offered by banks that allows users to send secure electronic payments to anyone no matter where they bank). With Zelle (your bank will likely use a different name such as, Payments, QuickPay, Person to Person Transfers, Send Money and SurePay) you only need our email address, to make a fast, simple and safe payment. If you bank with Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi Bank N.A., Fifth Third Bank, First Bank, Frost, PNC, TD Bank, USAA, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo or any bank on this list, you can use your bank’s online platform to send and receive money normally without cost. Zelle is available within the mobile banking apps of many banks and credit unions, and will soon be available to almost anyone with a U.S. debit card through the Zelle app. You must email us or calls us for any payment arrangements unless you are using Zelle. All submitted orders are final. This service has no termination date, it is ongoing until you are married.

The Reason Why We No Longer Accept Credit Card Payments
  1. For over 14 years International Introductions has accepted credit card payments. We would pay from 4.5 to 6.5 percent depending on the client’s credit card. On top of this, new United States banking regulations motivated banks to charge a 1 percent foreign exchange fee for every ATM transaction or debit card transaction we make. ATM withdrawals in Colombia are much more restrictive than the United States. Most Colombian banks limit you to withdrawing less than $200. You are charged about 4 dollars for ever withdrawal. The Colombian banks force you to make more ATM transactions in order to collect more of your money. The United States banks also charge an ATM fee for using an ATM in Colombia, so we get a double hit on ATM fees along with the higher frequency of transaction fees we are forced to make. All these fees have made the cost of receiving payment too high. International Introductions has not raised its prices in over 10 years. To maintain our current pricing requires us not to accept these extra charges from multiple middlemen getting a cut from our hard work.

  2. Credit card processors, without justification, consider us a “high risk” business and therefore charge us a higher rate than most businesses or in most cases will not accept our form of business. For example, we met all the terms and conditions for PayPal, yet a cog in their customer service (who we were not allowed to access for an explanation) removed us after many years, even though we never had one negative concern come up from a client. We are often wrongly accused of being “adult oriented”. Yet, International Introductions has no more adult content than a website that sells cars. Cars are not for children and nor is marriage, but neither cars or marriage is considered unsuitable for children to know about. Adult content signifies not suitable for children. There are no photos are written content on our website that is not suitable for children. We are in the business of forming families This website, that specializes in rating websites rates our website as being family friendly, “All sources consider trustworthy and family friendly. Website has a credible reputation.” Our website has the same family friendly rating as Disney, yet in this politically correct world we are not supported by banks. For the banks that will give us a more competitive rate, we are required to advertise their logo on each of our webpages, which we will not do. International Introductions maintains a clean website free of ads and promotions.

  3. The labeling of industries like lodging as “high risk” is simply a false justification for charging a higher interest rate. The credit card processor is always able to collect their cut and any chargeback. It is the business that takes the hit for a fraud purchases. When a stolen credit card is used for a purchase the business is the one paying for the theft not the owner of the card or the credit card processor. We have been the victim of such theft which is another reason why we will not continue with credit card purchases.

  4. International Introduction is well established with a reputation for providing excellent service. Our webpage, Selecting a Marriage Agency, suggests ways you can research us. We want you to investigate International Introductions and see what prior customers have experienced. Only a small percentage of our revenue is for small purchases, which is why almost all of our clients have called us to discuss and understand the service we can provide them before proceeding. We want you to call us so we can answer all your questions. We do not want you to move forward with any purchase unless you are 100% confident in who we are and what we can do for you. Fortunately, many U.S. banks now have electronic transferring methods that are without cost making our payment options quick and easy.