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This service is only for men who have met the lady or have purchased one of our introduction services where the woman has agreed to meet you. Select one or more Latin women who you would like to write. Email us one or more letters under 500 words and attach pictures if you like. We will translate your letter and deliver your message and attached pictures. You will receive a translated reply and the woman’s email address. You may then correspond with the woman on your own if you like.

All emails are translated and distributed electronically within 24 hours. Your selection will be notified usually within 24 hours that she has a message from you. We will then confirm the receipt of your email and follow up until she replies.


Two-Way Translated Email Correspondence Pricing

1 to 2 contacts at   $16. USD each

3 to 5 contacts at   $12. USD each

6 to 8 contacts at   $11. USD each

9 Plus contacts at  $10. USD each

At the completion of your order send your letters with pictures to Jamie@Latin-Wife.com. Please indicate the destination ID number in the subject heading of your email. If you choose to use the same letter for more than one girl, list all the desired ID numbers in the subject heading. We will change the name to insure that the name of the girl in the letter matches the appropriate girl. You only need to attach pictures to a single email destined for multiple girls. For letter writing help see Writing Tips. All submitted orders are final. However, you may request a modification to your order. All outstanding orders are closed after six months.