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“I´m glad I found that site. Very Glad! That site is what should be required reading. Yes, I do believe those women wrote their profiles and I now believe other profiles on other sites are edited. Hat´s off to Jamie for letting these women express their true selves.”

“I came across this marriage agency not too long ago as well. Not only a good read, but this is one of the better-designed web sites I have come across. I like their approach and ideas.

“I agree. He also seems very open. He provides a picture of his wife and him and his phone number in Barranquilla. Maybe he is the second generation of marriage agency owners who, after being mistreated by the first generation, a few of them rather nasty old gringos, are intent on providing customer service and treating people fairly. Maybe life will become easier for future gringos seeking wives in Latin America. We shall see.”

“http://www.latin-wife.com/faq.asp is a good read for newbies.”

The class of Latin wife you can find at International Introductions marriage agency“It gives typical marriage agency BS, including some direct quotes from marriage agency websites, and his responses. This guy has obviously been through the Marriage Agency Meat Grinder like some of us here who have been around for a while.”

“Jamie has a marriage agency in Barranquilla. His posts here have won him lots of admirers and future clients. He answered very effectively.”

“Disorganized books? That is no accident. That was done for a reason. I think you understand. On the flip side if you go to Jamie´s website there is a search engine. Truly a sign of an honest marriage agency.

“International Introductions / Latin-wife.com / Jamie´s Kid-in-a-Candy-Store. I was in heaven. Each one was more beautiful than the last. Per date rate is economical and flexible. Having the first date at your hotel can be extremely convenient because you can clean up and stay clean and cool before the critical first date. Jamie allows the chicas to review your profile before accepting, thus eliminating a lot of rejection, no-shows and awkward moments. Most if not all of my dates showed up and on time!!! All of my first dates were interesting.”

“Those are the most gringo friendly working hours I have ever seen. Anyone using a marriage agency with more restricted hours can relate. Atta boy!”

“I´ve witnessed Jamie in action and can verify he is the real deal and if I were looking to get serious, I would employ International Introductions without hesitation and I consider him the best choice on the north coast.

“Who are some of the other more reputable marriage agencies for Barranquilla besides the obvious being Jamie´s agency Latin-Wife?”

“If you want a no-nonsense marriage agency without all the frills, then Jamie´s Latin-Wife.com is your best bet.”

“Is the second-best marriage agency in Colombia, behind Jamie´s.”

“I have used International Introductions on a few occasions. My impression is that Jamie is a very responsive owner. His romance tour introduction service is expensive, but if you’re serious about meeting a mate I think it´s worth it.”

“I get the impression that Jamie´s place seems like the place to go if a Gringo is seriously considering a wife, not just dating while on vacation. I liked his no BS approach in his posts. Unfortunately he posts more on Plant-Love than here.”

“I singled out Jamie’s marriage agency in Barranquilla. I highlighted it as a marriage agency that (everyone agreed) gave spectacular service. Also, my best friend was an enthusiastic married former client.”

“Jamie´s place has gotten very good reviews on GringoTalk. It´s on a very short list of recommended marriage agencies.”

“As someone with global business experience and expectations consistent with this, Jamie appears to be your best chance at satisfactory service.

“As many others have basically stated you cannot go wrong using Jamie´s service.

“Jamie has a great service. Even in this thread alone three have seemingly found diamonds from his service. And I know of two others as well that have married good girls from his agency. And I know of two others who failed miserably and they will readily admit it was their own fault because they did not listen to his advice or the advice of his translators. And don´t get me wrong, I don’t think Jamie has any real advice on keeping the relationship going or tips for a long marriage. But I do think he has a pretty good grip on things to watch out for at the beginning to avoid making major errors in judgment, thereby saving you a lot of valuable time, money, and energy.”

“I will reiterate that had it not been for Jamie´s service and his useful advice along the way, I likely would have not found my wife, so based on my DIRECT EXPERIENCE with Jamie and International Introductions, I suggest that posters listen to what he says while using his service in Barranquilla. He knows the lay of the land and specifics much more then general advice given on this website or any other, as he knows a lot of the ladies of his website.”

  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions
  • Attractive Latin women one can meet at International Introductions

“I would highly recommend Jamie´s. But just listen to what he and his people advise you. If you go through the archives here, you will see tons of disaster stories from people who did not listen to his advice.”

“I´ve used Jamie´s service, it is Excellent in my opinion and he does give sound advice.”

“Yes. Jamie´s agency is very professional and the girls that are with his agency understand that they better show up for their dates and not be ridiculously late. I also found my fiance through him and he does know what he is doing, very professionally run and I could not have made a better choice as he found exactly the woman I was looking for.”

“I have never heard anything first hand negative about Jamie´s agency (which is almost impossible when you stop and think about it). On the contrary, there is much positive.”

“I admit it – I am a skimmer! Rarely, do I read deeply these pages. However, I just read Jamie´s page; and I have to say RIGHT ON! I mean really a must read for anybody foolish enough to embark with serious intentions. ESPECIALLY, THE SECTION “UNDERSTANDING COLOMBIAN WOMEN.” If you are a newbie, read it now with no further delay. It is a searing, truthful, and 100% accurate observation of the general single scene, Colombian style. I could not write a guide that is more true and thorough than what you wrote there.”

“Jamie that link you provided takes you to a place that everyone who is considering dating a Colombian woman should go. There is very valuable information there, which is like gold for a newbie.”

“This is a very interesting topic and should be read by all.

“I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. Jamie runs a class act agency. You get exactly what you pay for, bottom-line.”

“Jamie the part about “not understanding Colombian women” should be part of the “bible” of international dating with Colombian women. I was laughing while reading it because almost every single item was 100% correct, in detail. “

Well thought out and put together info that would benefit newbies or experienced veterans of international dating. These are things I had to figure out on my own during my search.”

“I thought it was an excellent ‘take’ on the overall situation. Definitely a good read.”

TONS of good information on Jamie´s web site it is a must read for anyone dating in Colombia. I remember enjoying his site (not just the pictures!) before my first trip to Colombia and learning a lot.”

“I think it´s a worthwhile read for pretty much anybody here and interesting in that it most certainly doesn’t sugar coat some of the ugly realities of the, shall we say ‘situation’ down there.”

“Sure it presents a case to use Jamie´s agency and some might question it on that and underestimate the merits of insights given, but it certainly provides some helpful food for thought about not just Colombia, but for dating any women, especially women from third world countries.”

“Your article is very good, excellently written, with important information and incite.

“I have spent quiet a bit of time researching agencies (talking to people, web-sites, etc). I feel that at this time this is the only agency worth doing business with. I can´t even find a legitimate competitor.

“I just wanted to say that the article: Mistakes Men Make, Not understanding Colombian Women… it is the greatest article I have read in a long long time… How true every word said. The guy that wrote this knows in depth not just Colombian women, but most Latina women.”

“I was reading your website and felt like I was at the feet of a Godfather giving wisdom and advice. You are the only site that speaks the realities of doing this. No one else does. There are legit organizations out there, but they do not tell you the straight dead up truth.”

Going to Jamie’s should be a no brainer.

“Make sure you communicate exactly what you are looking for in a lady. Because it seems like the translators have been well versed by Jamie to be almost like robots to find you what you are looking for and to focus on the client in all aspects.

“I read your page in its entirety and while anyone can offer differing opinions about the minutiae, and I do have some, overall I think you did a good job of laying out the basics that everyone contemplating this road should be well aware of before they dive in.”

“Thank you for your website, I have never read anything like this before. You are very transparent about what you say, and that says a lot about your truthfulness as a service to people seeking wives.”

The class of Latin wife you can find at International Introductions marriage agencyThe translators Jamie offers are invaluable, not just because they can help you convey meaning accurately (which is very important early on when establishing compatibility), but because they will point out things that you WILL miss, and can give you feedback on girls you’re interested in, both in terms of their own opinions (some of them have seen a lot of gringo/latina interactions) and how interested the girl actually is in you, so that you don’t waste time chasing the wrong woman. Plus, they organize all the scheduling and figure out what you’re going to do on dates, which is a significant time-saver. In my down-time my translator is helping me practice Spanish.”

“Thankfully there is a good solid company like Jamie’s out there.”

“The truth is if any other agency in Latin America offered what he did (not saying there’s not…I just have yet to hear about one), I’d be promoting them as well.”

“I’ve looked everywhere for bad reviews of Jaime’s, and they’re just not there.

“She came from Jamie’s, so Jamie wins by TKO. Guys seriously if you are considering this route Jamie works his ass off for you to help you find success.”

“Another nice report for Jaime. There must be about 10 men here that have found their wives through his service. The bottom line is he is doing his job.”

“I think Jamie’s is the best agency in Colombia hands down and I know more than my fair share about this business in Colombia, in fact when you go to Jamie’s web site you can read the hard truth of things.”

“Jamie is not running a modeling agency. There’s no specialized lighting, makeup artist, or paint brushing of the pictures after the fact. However, I can assure you that if and when you actually touch down in Barranquilla you will not be disappointed with the girls you meet there.”

“Jamie runs a standup operation. His goal is to put you in contact with as many women as possible to give you the opportunity to find a girl you have real chemistry with. It’s not because he’s a hopeless romantic either and that’s why a lot of men have a problem with him. He’s a straight shooter if I’ve ever known one a very logical and analytical man that doesn’t have or make time for bull.”

“I originally was introduced to my wife through Jamie. I used his service and for me, a guy who loves morenas, I was very happy. Lots of girls looked much better in person than in their photos. I would say if you like triguenas or morenas you will be very happy with Jamie. The girls seemed pretty home loving and uncomplicated for the most part.”

The class of Latin wife you can find at International Introductions marriage agency“I have not heard of too many guys leaving unsatisfied from Jamie’s place. Maybe only the ones who directly went against his advice or were thinking with the wrong head. But if your head is screwed on right and you have already had your dating fun and are past the “kid in the candy store” phase, I think you will have good success there.”

“Jamie doesn’t sugar coat things like some others do.”

“With Jamie you can be 100 percent confident the profiles on his site are legit and updated.”

“Jamie’s agency in Barranquilla gets high marks on that score. He keeps his site very up to date.”

“Jamie has a good page on his site and even though he is geared toward Colombians, it has relevant information that a guy would want to know from a woman in any country outside the U.S.”

“I think Jamie runs a stand up business and his track record speaks for itself.”

His translators are a priceless asset, especially during your first trip. Colombian Women will very rarely reject you outright. It’s not the culture. Even if they agree to meet you initially and you’re interested, if they don’t feel a spark, they won’t say a thing. They’ll stand you up on the next date or simply stop communicating with the agency. This is the most valuable aspect of the translators. They play “middle-man,” so the girls can be completely honest without having to deal with the confrontation of rejecting your to your face. They also serve as tour guides and advisors. You can give them your dating budget and they’ll make recommendations on where to take women so you don’t go completely broke (which is easier than you think when you’re dating 3-5 women a day). If you’re dating a girl that likes Italian food, they’ll tell you where to get the best in the city. They’ll tell you what parts of town to stay away from and where it’s safe to go amongst other things. I’m not sure what he’s charging for translators now but he could charge double and it would still be a bargain.

“Jamie’s services are top notch and he has a formula to find success for any guy. He will get you set up for a plan based on the list you get him and what you are looking for in a girl. Listen to any nuggets of advice he gives you because they are golden.”

“Jamie’s was the best use of my time efforts and money A+ or 5 stars however you want to say it.”

“I notice just about everybody that uses Jaime’s company is happy they did.

“Jamie really does his best to weed out a lot of crap that you otherwise would have to spend a lot of time figuring out. He’s quite good at this.”

“The fact that Jamie is in Barranquilla also has a lot to do with why a lot of guys met their Colombian wives in that city.”

No wonder you guys love this Jamie guy so much!

The Best Marriage Agency

The class of Latin wife you can find at International Introductions marriage agency“Glowing Recommendations” for International Introductions (Select Link)

“Cadillac service.”
“Top-of-the-line service.”
“Eight beautiful girls sitting around me… all staring and competing for you.”
“Outstanding… his staff will go above and beyond.”
“They all recommend it.”

“Best At Their Craft” (Select Link)

“Latin-Wife was by far, the best agency.”
“Latin-Wife is the top runner.”
“Grade: 1. International-Introductions, Latin-Wife: 98.5%.”
“Pros: Very professional, honest, good value, great results, great staff, good selection of ladies, great website, excellent services available.”
“Cons: Cannot think of any.”
“Favorite remains the same, Latin-Wife.”

Latin Wife Review (Select Link)

“If it’s a Colombian wife that you’re most interested in, then you can’t do much better than Latin-Wife.com.”

Discover The Love You Deserve - a Latin Wife

Hello. I am the owner of International Introductions and I was clued in that my website was referenced on this chat board. I appreciate some of the positive observations and good words and I thought I would clarify a few points.

I have never been mistreated by any of the other marriage agencies; I met with success from the very start. My experience with other marriage agencies came from research. I used their services, talked to past customers, dated their women and read between the lines. While their words were inaccurate and their services inadequate I was only experimenting and did not have to suffer the emotional and financial repercussions as others might have. I went into this business only by accident. I saw the glaring deceptions from the other marriage agencies and realized that there was a need and demand that should be properly satisfied.

One final clarification: XXXX mentions that my prices are high. This is not the case. I provide a variety of prices from other marriage agencies so one can see a price comparison. I provide much more value and personal attention than the other marriage agencies. I am not going to highlight those differences, but if one does a real comparison they can see the added benefits. While I am not a discount shop, I do provide competitive prices with better service. For those who want to compromise the significance of finding the right wife under the appropriate conditions, there are many other marriage agencies willing to accommodate such compromises. One gets what he pays for at my service and unfortunately, at the other marriage agencies, you often don´t get what you pay for. I will let the pictures tell you the story. The left website is mine.

Thanks for your time.


Sol Maria, Engaged May 2003

Sol Maria, Order Now

Photo of Sol Maria
Sol Maria, Write Me
Colombian Marriage Agencies

The above example was posted on the Planet Love foreign bride forum in September of 2003 showing the same Latin woman on five different websites. On International Introduction (latin-wife.com) she showed “Engaged” in May of 2003. Four months later she was still showing as available on four of the largest Colombian marriage agencies. And while Sol Maria is happily married in California, her Barranquilla address 16 months later as of August 20 2004 continues to be sold by all of the following marriage agencies:

Marriage Agencies List

We Make Happen What Can’t Happen Alone

  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour

One Happy Man… Many Hopeful Women

You need to speak to Jim (runs an anti-scam site). He has you on his refused list and I see no reason. Why did you refuse to be listed?

Not All Anti-Scam Sites Are Objective or For That Matter Run by Adults

Special Us

A beautiful Latin bride representing the class of wife you can find with International IntroductionsI was on Jim´s Gold list. Jim was having a dispute with an owner of a foreign bride forum. I did not support Jim’s attacks and requested that he remove me from his website in March, 2007:

Hello Jim
I have been reviewing some of the exchanges and comments you have made of Dan at Planet-Love.com. While I don’t know or care to follow any of what may or may not be true of Russian marriage agencies my experience and opinion of Dan is counter to everything you have been saying about him. While you say your reviews and comments are not personal they certainly come off that way. I think it would be best for you to rethink and retract the negative comments you have made against Dan. If you are unable to reach a cordial and professional agreement with him I choose not to be listed on your site and would want any mention of International Introductions to be excluded from you Gold list or other favorable listings. My wish is that a mutual accord is reached between the two of you. If not I want you to understand I am in full support of Dan.

International Introductions

Jim then listed a new category on his website especially for us: “These are the marriage agencies/sites that refused to be on my sites (I would not use them): International Introductions (Latin Wife)”

Unfortunately for those on Jim’s Black list, they have to stay exactly where they are.