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The Compliments Keep Coming

"Over the past two years, I´ve used about a dozen Latin matchmaking services. I´ve paid hundreds of dollars on several international sites to join. Rarely do I get a response, and if I do, it is poorly translated. On the other hand, with International Introductions, I´ve had a 100% success rate. Youre probably the best kept secret on the Internet."

Happy American man and Colombia woman that met using our introduction service sitting in a horse carriage in Cartagena

“You are without a doubt the most helpful and prompt introduction service of this type. I have never received personal service like this.”

"Thank you for the wonderful introduction service you provide. I have looked at other services and they aren’t nearly as classy or respectful as yours. Why would I want to meet the most important person of my life in a disrespectful manner?"

"I looked at a few sites, laughing to myself (some were just amusing). Then I found International Introductions and after some reading my laughing stopped."

"Thanks as always for the best introduction service you can give and your advice of course which I can´t even put a price on."

"I feel your web site is very direct and honest. Out of several Latin matchmaking sites that I have visited yours was by far the best!"

"I still think you guys have the best website and customer service by far."

"It showed me a great deal about your character and your business when you did that. I was very impressed. I truly felt like you went out of your way to help. Thank you very much!"

"I enjoy doing business with your company. It´s refreshing when people are up-front and honest. Thanks!"

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“I just wanted to say thanks again for your phenomenal follow-up. I didn´t expect almost-immediate responses like I have been receiving. You provide by far the best Latin matchmaking service I have seen thus far. Keep up what I call the WOW experience!

"I just wanted to say again the apartment was great. The translator was amazing, I had to remind myself getting around is not as easy as she made it look, if I was there by myself. She was a walking google. She knew all the great places to eat, shop, etc. She was always there and I had to practically tell her to go home. For men with the right intentions, this service is invaluable."

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“Thank you for the quick reply, Jamie. I like to do business with a company that responds, it gives me assurance that you care for your customers.”

“YOU MADE MY ENTIRE WEEK. Im very happy and pleased with the results and your efforts that I requested. You and your organization ARE THE BEST!”

“I paid $600 to get into another Latin matchmaking agency and there was only one beautiful girl, so thanks for the great price, site, and girls.”

“You know whats the best quality about you and your website? First your honesty, second your keeping yourself real by responding, and third the quality of the site itself.”

“I continue to be impressed by your attention to detail. I think an extremely important key to success in your business is exactly what you are doing: The personal, but honest candor that you have provided. I have been down enough roads to recognize that!”

"You continue to offer overwhelming introduction services. It´s the best I have come across."

"Your FAQ was amazingly informative, as all the questions I was compiling as I was reading were plainly answered there. I even went so far as to research some of your FAQ responses to find that you were speaking the truth exactly as you stated it."

"Truly you two deal with much integrity and I was extremely pleased with your introduction services. You´ve gained my trust and respect. I appreciate your service. Once again: EXCELLENT!!!"

"I didn´t expect such a fast response. Great service already!"

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"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such exceptionally good introduction service."

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"I continue to be very grateful and happy for your organization and the introduction services you are providing."


"Thank you both again. Your introduction services are absolutely fantastic and much appreciated."

"You are thorough and honest."

"Also I enjoyed your website a lot and your very honest appraisal of things."

"I want to thank you for all the extra assistance that you seem to be more than happy to provide."

"I came across your site after some BS ones I found and since then I have:

A.) Had your site in my favorites on all three of my computers.

B.) Have constantly checked, re-checked and kept pictures of ladies I was dreaming about.

Well I have found my Latin woman through you and I told myself that when I found a woman and I type her ID into your database and she is gone, I would take you off of my favorites. It´s silly, I know, but to me I feel like I have arrived finally from wishing and hoping to having. What a feeling! I still need your occasional advice and the occasional flower/gift delivery so you havent got rid of me completely. I also will need a love nest when I return for my lady-in-waiting. Once again, thanks for getting me to this point!"

"As always, Im very happy with your introduction service."

"The candor of you website was refreshing."

"Thanks for your advice and being there for me."

"Now that´s what I call Class A service!"

"Thanks again for your great introduction service."

"You do things very fast and well! I appreciate all the advice you gave me. It was very helpful."

Happy American man and Colombian woman meeting for the first time

"THANK YOU very much! Your introduction service was excellent and went beyond my expectations."

Young American man and Colombian woman holding each other and smiling

"I got to tell you my translator has a great work ethic and cares about the clients and girls – I’m sure you know she is an asset, but it’s probably good to hear from clients once in a while. This service rocks too, I had a blast and made a good connection and can’t wait to tell every single guy I know about this place. On a scale of one to ten the service you provide is, as I’m sure you know, a ten."

"I have lived in Medellin for 3 years. Your article about Colombian women was the most accurate article that I have ever read about anything, truly amazing."

“Let me begin by mentioning that I have been acquainted with your website for a number of years, and I have to say that it is quite simply the most detailed, thorough, well-designed, navigable, straightforward, intelligible, and professional site of its type that I have ever had the pleasure of browsing – bar none. There is such a wealth of information there that I almost feel as though I am already acquainted with you, your staff, and your facilities. I am equally impressed with the range of comprehensive services that your agency provides. You appear to have an absolutely top-notch operation.”

” I’ve been trying to write this email to you for days. But im at a loss for words to say. Thankyou does not do justice. What I failed to achieve in 20 years. Your company has helped me find in 17 days. There are things that money can buy and then there are things that are priceless. What you and your staff have done for both of us is priceless. The relationship that you have helped me discover is beyond perfect. It is truly a match made in heaven. And for this I am eternally gratefull to you folks.”

“First I just want to thank you for the amazing experience I had in Colombia. I can truly say it was the best two weeks of my life. If there so happens to be someone who needs a reference like I requested please don’t hesitate to give out my information.”

We Make Happen What Can´t Happen Alone

  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour
  • A small group of women meeting one man during a romance tour

One Happy Man… Many Hopeful Women

My Friends and Relatives Disapprove of Foreign Brides

Now But Not Latter

This reaction is not unusual from those without direct knowledge of foreign bride relationships. However, those who have experienced this process or seen the results in others change their negative opinions very quickly. We know of one man who objected to the foreign bride marriage of his own brother. After two years of observing his brotherĀ“s happy marriage the objector became our client. If your family or friends have concerns, your good marriage will change their view.

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