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Located in Barranquilla, Colombia
American Number (305) 396-6436
Email: Jamie@Latin-Wife.com

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We Make Happen What Can´t Happen Alone

  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups
  • Private romance tour introductions where one man meets many Latinas in small groups

One Happy Man… Many Hopeful Women

Can I Trust You to Find Me a Wife?

What the Only Marriage Agency Can Honestly Tell You

You Tell Us

There is no avoiding the trust factor if you are looking to find a wife using a marriage agency. Any real attempt at successfully finding a wife that does not speak your language will require outside services to aid you. The process requires you to trust the facilitator of your communications and plans. Trying to do so all on your own is risky, so it is very important that you find a marriage agency that can meet you confidence and expectations. As an American living in Colombia I make sure we provide an honest and reliable service that the other marriage agencies do not provide. You are not dealing with the foreigners deceptive practices and clumsy attempts, but personally with me, my well-trained staff, and my on-site involvement that everything is done correctly to meet your desired outcome in finding a wife. The Latin-owned marriage agencies cannot compete against the good old American work ethic and principle of fair play. We pride ourselves in meeting the customers expectations. We do more and deliver for those looking for marriageable Latin women. Honesty and quality service is scarce in Latin America where the business culture is neither honest nor reliable. So please ask and verify all that you feel is necessary to be comfortable with anything we may do for you. Start by determining if our suggestions for selecting a marriage agency make sense to you. You can then tell us if we are the right marriage agency to use to look for a wife.

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How to Find a Wife

The Internet Dating Charade

Their Odds
Our Odds

What the domestic Internet dating services don´t tell you is that seven out of every ten of their members are men. The better-looking women receive anywhere from 20 to 30 emails a day. I know because I´ve dated these women. To attract the premium American woman (and they all think they´re ‘premium’) requires you to be at the top of your game. You´d better be incredibly interesting, rich, or both. If you are not Mr. Entertainment during the early dating stage of the relationship, you will be replaced by one of the dozen of incoming email proposals she´ll walk home to after the date.

When you´re not battling inflated competition on the domestic Internet dating sites, you´re trying to fathom the criteria of the American women themselves. Where else but in America can a man be turned down for not believing in reincarnation? Being normal and good doesn´t fulfill the American woman´s excitement criteria. If you’re not "Mr. Big" then your often not worth the time to know regardless of your true qualities. It doesn´t have to be this way. International Introductions can connect you to attractive Latin ladies in their prime who dont equate flare with importance. What is most important to the Latin lady is that a man is a respectful, faithful and honorable husband who can maintain a harmonious family life. Being normal puts you at the head of the pack.

You can continue to compete for women who get dozens of emails a week or you can get on a plane and let us introduce you to young, attractive Latin women who will compete for you. We can help you find a wife and the type of Latin woman for the type of relationship you want without compromising your standards. Why spend a lifetime looking for a wife when you can have a Latin wife that will last a lifetime.

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What the Other Marriage Agencies Say to You?

Straight From Their Mouth

Their Hospitality

“Please, Educate yourself about other cultures around the world by reading books, surfing the internet, and talk to foreign travelers. STOP listening to your un-educated friends who have never been outside THEIR LOCAL CITY.”
“Once you arrive in Colombia, you will be required to sign a release form before services can be rendered.”
“So lose that gut, cut that nose and ear hair, and trim that moustache. Lift weights, eat healthier, and exercise before you come down.”
“Brush up on your Spanish.”
“Help us out with a couple of testimonials.”
“The spelling of Colombia is Colombia not Columbia (70% of people make this mistake, learn before you write and travel).”
“We are not a matchmaking, dating, mail order bride or marriage agency. Any matchmaking, marriage or dating that may take place will be performed by ‘you.’ “

What We Say

Our Commitment
to You

We can help you find a wife. You need to look no further than International Introductions. The advantages you have are real, but having that realization, a beautiful Latin wife, is up to you. Engage the Exotic and find a wife that is:

  • Feminine yet Hardworking
  • Simple yet Intelligent
  • Emotional yet Stable
  • Attentive but Not Submissive
  • Non-Materialistic yet Appreciative
  • Respectful but Not Subservient
  • Strong without Coming On Strong
  • Alluring but Not Overly Glamorous
  • Captivating but Not Demanding
  • Traditional yet Open-Minded
  • Loving and Faithful
  • Nurturing and Supportive
  • Innocent yet Seductive
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