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Are Colombian Women Interested In Black Men?

Only a small percentage of Colombian women on the website indicate a preference for skin color. Race for the most part does not play much of a role in Northern Colombia – where we are located – due to the greater mix of people. You will find Colombian women who will not go out with Black men. However, the experience I have seen with the Black men who have used our Romance Tour Service is that they are just as successful as other men. Good qualities matter much more than race. Looks, weight, height, personality and presentation rank way above race as a point of interest. I can assure you that most men will do much better in Colombia than they can in the United States regardless of their race.

Many Colombian women enjoying their introduction to a black American man

Love Has No Borders, slogan for International Introductions

The Black Man Experience with Colombian Women

"Is there Racism in Colombia and elsewhere in this world? Yes. Does this lead to SOME Latinas (including Black ones) having a bias AGAINST anything Black, including Black men? Yes. Does it matter? No, hell no. Both the quality and quantity of receptive and interested women of all hues in Colombia and some other places in Latin America is so great that whatever biases exist simply don´t matter. It is of no practical consequence given the numbers of interested Latin women."

"As far as the “Black Man´s Experience with Colombian Women,” I never considered that I would be any less desirable to Latinas because I was black. A lot of (minority) people always seem to have the race “card” in the forefront of their minds, but I am not one of them."

"Brothers, leave any and all racial baggage at the airport before you board your flight to South America. There are Latin women with preferences just like you with your own preferences. Be a gentlemen, respect the women, their country and their culture and you´ll do just fine in your quest to find and be found by love"

"From my personal experience most Colombian women don´t care about your race or skin color. Who you are as a person is more important than your race. A Black man will do much better in finding a good woman in Colombia that he can stay happy with than he would in the United States."

"My grandmother told me once, “If you want to know how far you can shoot, you have to aim high!”

Discover The Love You Deserve, slogan for International Introductions

That´s the phrase that kept running through my head as I surfed through Jamie´s website International Introductions a couple of months before my trip. There were so many gorgeous Latin women. How could one choose? The ladies who mentioned a preference for white men were easy to eliminate, but there were so many more! So I did what most other men probably do. I chose the women that were the most physically attractive to me. I took Grandma´s advice and aimed high. Don´t get me wrong I thoroughly read through each lady´s answers to the profile questions; but only to go through another process of elimination. I mean seriously how much can you find out about someone by asking them 10 or 15 questions? Any Latin woman who used phrases like “I´m a fighter” or “I have a temper” or “I want to live in another country” were ruled out (even though I was very attracted to a lot of them). At first I was also very hesitant about meeting women who didn´t live with their fathers either. From my experience, a woman who doesn´t know and adore her father usually won´t make much of a companion. However, when I thought about it a little more I figured I couldn´t make a judgment call like that on a person I´d never met. A girl may not live with her father for an infinite number of reasons. Doesn´t mean she´s not close to him. Turns out my initial thought was correct, but more on that later.

What I was left with after all that were about 45 girls. I thought maybe 5 or 10 of my initial selections would agree to meet me, MAYBE. Again, even with all the great advice from some black guys on the board, I was still kind of worried about the race thing, not to mention I had put on a few pounds in the last few months (Houston is the fattest city in the U.S. for a reason). I forgot to mention in my first post that I have quite a few Colombian friends here in the U.S. They have repeatedly told me about the racism in Colombia. Most of them are from Manizales and Bucaramanga, so maybe it´s just something that differs from city to city. Hell, I don´t know I´m a rookie in this game. Turns out I was right about that too. There were only about 8 or 9 of the first 50 ladies that were willing to meet me. It didn´t discourage me at all. There were just too many women on International Introductions website to be disappointed. I gave Jamie a call a few days before the trip and he told me the average response was about 52% in comparison to my 20%. I thought it was kind of weird that he referred to the ladies as “percentages”, but I told him, “no problem!” “I saw plenty of other women on the site I was interested in. I was just testing the waters.” Jamie´s response was classic. I swear… these were his exact words in a very serious tone: “Yeah… you´re going to want to tell us about every single woman you´re interested in.” Allow me to translate that into, “You´re not a customer so I´m going to really let you have it” language. “Damn you stupid idiot! If you would have sent us every girl at first we would have had more time to get in touch with as many as possible!” Please don´t think I´m trying to imply that he was being an asshole. Jamie was very nice about it. I could just tell in his tone that he didn´t have time for bullshit. I sent him another email selecting about 40 more girls and we went from there. I actually ended up choosing a few of the women I ruled out at first. What can I say, beggars can´t be choosers! I think the prospect of meeting 40 women was a little overwhelming, so I was actually kind of relieved. Jamie didn´t tell me anything about the day I was arriving until the day before my flight when I called him. I´m not sure if this is something he usually does, but it made me really nervous and anxious for some reason. Through the entire pre-trip process I really didn´t want to bother him much. I have a business of my own and when customers are consistently contacting you over bullshit it really gets old. We took care of everything the day before I left so I was feeling a little better that night.

I´d recently been traveling quite a bit for my job, so I really wasn´t looking forward to the 6 hour flight to Barranquilla. 3 cities in 7 days will do that to you. The flight was uneventful though. Everything went smoothly with the first flight and then with the trip to Barranquilla from Miami. When I chose my seat for the flight to Barranquilla from Miami I purposely chose a seat in a row I thought no one else would choose. It worked. However, when I got on the plane I regretted this. It was about three-quarters of the way full, and there were about 15 of the hottest Latin women I´ve ever seen in my life with empty seats next to them. I could have easily taken a guess when I was picking from the open seats on the website and ended up next to one of them. That sucked, but it gave me a little preview of what was to come.

I got off the plane in Barranquilla and got in the Customs line. There´s this guy standing behind me that got off the same flight sweating his ass off. After a few minutes in line he asked me to watch his bags. Yeah, I know what you´re thinking. What kind of idiot would say yes? I told him, “HELL NO!” attracting quite a bit of attention. He started to plead with me. He told me he had to use the bathroom really bad. People in the line were beginning to look at us and I wanted him to leave me alone. So I told him, I´ll watch them, but I´m not picking them up. If any official ask about them, I´m going to tell them they belong to some guy that just ran to the bathroom." I thought I may have covered my ass but I was still really nervous taking responsibility for his luggage. After about a minute and a half he came back and got in line. Our dialogue is as follows:

Him: “I´m sorry man! I just had like 5 Vodka Tonics on the plane and I had to go, you know what I mean? I really appreciate it.”
Me: “No problem. But I´m sure you understand why I´d be a little hesitant to do that.”
Him: “Yeah, sure! I understand. Is this your first time in Barranquilla?”
Me: “Yep!”
Him: “What are you here for? Business? Vacation?”
Me: “Women”
Him: “Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you use cocaine? Do you smoke weed?”
Me: (HESITANTLY) “I drink a little .Why?”
Him: “My friend, you just found yourself a new addiction. You´ll be back. I guarantee this isn´t your last trip. How long are you staying?”
Me: “8 Days”
Him: “Bro… you have no idea. Not yet at least. Enjoy yourself. Welcome to paradise!”

I didn´t know it yet but MAN was he right! For some reason it seemed like they were only searching native Colombians that day. I don´t know why but customs just let me walk through. I made my way outside and my translator walked up to me and said “Hey!” She asked about my flight and I told her “it was horrible because of the food,” but in a playful way. I didn´t notice the girl that was with her at first. She was very petite so I couldn´t see her behind the translator. But then she introduced us. Gentleman… OH MY GOODNESS! She was absolutely gorgeous. Short, petite, pretty, curvy, and sweet all wrapped up in one. Flawless makeup and long silky black hair she literally took my breath away. In the taxi she was a little shy at first but my translator got the ice broken quickly (I could spend an entire page talking about how priceless my translator was, but that will be later on). We started making our way to the office. I´ve read many trip reports that mention nothing short of a culture shock when driving through the neighborhood right outside the airport. I don´t blame any of you, but I wasn´t as surprised. There are places in Mississippi and Alabama that look exactly like this area. The small pockets of 3rd world poverty in America that everyone forgets about. The drive to the agency was about 45 minutes and I got my first taste of the taxi drivers in Barranquilla. They are all psycho stunt devils. Maybe I´m just a scary guy who´s use to traffic rules and order; but I can assure you there´s none of that in Barranquilla. All they have is a primitive but effective form of communication using their horns. As amazing as this sounds, every taxi driver in Barranquilla told me that car accidents are extremely rare. My translator took me to the ATM, and then we decided to go and get something to eat. The girl she bought was still kind of nervous, but I could tell she liked me. Our eye contact was good and her body language seemed to suggest she was interested. We talked for about an hour and a half over lunch and then my translator told me I had to get to the office for my first group introduction. I got to the office, talked to Jamie for about 15 minutes, took a shower and we got started. I won´t go through all the details of the introduction. I´m sure everyone on the forum is very familiar with International Introductions process. I can just reassure you all that it hasn´t changed. “If it isn´t broke don´t fix it,” right? Anyway, the first group was 11 girls. I chose 6 after we got finished and they were all interested so we scheduled dates for the next couple of days. I had another smaller group introduction later that evening with 9 more girls. I chose 4 of them. So for someone with a 20% response rate I had met 21 girls in about 4 hours. Jamie instructed me that I had two more group meetings before I was finished too. I was like, “sweet!” All the girls were gorgeous. That´s one thing I´ll tell you guys for sure. None of the pictures on the website do these women any justice. If you´re vaguely attracted to the picture of a girl on International Introductions sight, I can almost guarantee you that you´ll be VERY attracted to her in person. After group meetings, you really only have the initial impression of their personalities to gauge whether or not you want to have a date with them. When I first arrived at the office Jamie told me I had a date with one of my favorites that night. He couldn´t remember her name and neither could my translator. I was really curious as to which one it was but rather that research it any further (something they gladly offered to do) I decided to keep it a surprise. Immediately after the introductions my dinner date arrived at 8:30 p.m. and I stepped outside. I opened the door to the taxi, got in and looked up at my companion for the night. There she was… the most beautiful thing God ever lifted his hands to create. She was wearing the brightest smile I´ve ever seen in my life. You know that feeling you get when you´re going down the first biggest dip on a roller coaster. Yeah… I was feeling that times 100. The first thing that came to my mind was “Oh my God… I love you!”

Before I continue let me answer everyone´s questions.

In the profile Jamie wants you fill out before you go, one of the questions is “What would you change about yourself?” I answered, “Lose a little more weight.” In the second group meeting (the one I really had fun with!) one of the girls asked, “Why do you think you need to lose weight? I think you look great!” All of the girls adamantly agreed again, very flattering. They told me Colombian women don´t like really lean guys. I don´t think that´s the case. I´m sure it´s a matter of preference. I mean, if they preferred slim guys, they wouldn´t have agreed to meet me, right? So when I went out on dates with some of the girls, a few of them were telling me about guys that tried to contact them through the marriage agency in the past. They talked about nerdy looking guys, and psycho looking guys, but most of all they were making fun of guys that were extremely overweight. When I played defensive line in high school and college, I had a lot more fat on me. With diet and exercise, I got in better shape. It took me a long while, but I was determined to get in shape when I left college. Not because I wasn´t satisfied with the way I looked. I´ve never had a problem finding gorgeous women who were interested in me here in the states. But more so because that shit will kill you young! With that being said, anyone who looks to Colombia to find a woman because you can´t find a girl in the states who´s even remotely attracted to you will probably be successful; but don´t go down there looking for a beauty queen and you´re not a half way decent looking guy. MOST OF THESE GIRLS ARE NOT DESPERATE!!! They´re just looking for a good man physical attraction rules above all before you actually get to know someone. I´ll admit that my initial attraction to my girl was all physical! But remember my first report posting when almost 30 girls turned me down. This may have been because of my color, but I honestly think it was because of my size. I might be wrong.

Jamie has a very subtle way of stating this fact on his website. Read everything carefully if you´re planning on using his service. I mean seriously, the guy´s running a business. It wouldn´t be a very good marketing strategy to say “If you´ve overweight, you don´t have a chance in hell.” It´s also not true. One of the girls I chose in the first meeting said she didn´t like me because I wasn´t big enough!!!!

In all I think I probably chose about 75 women. I think about 35 of them agreed to meet me. I actually met about 33 girls. I had a few no shows. That´s inevitable happens to everyone that uses the service. I had a lot of fun. It´s worth every penny. But it´s a little overwhelming. If you see a girl you like while you´re out and about (BELIEVE ME YOU WILL!!!), the translators have no problem approaching them for you. Colombian women are very approachable. Everyone I met was a sweetheart.

I tried to write to girls at the agency in the past with no response. That convinced me that it wasn´t worth the money or time. Again, I may be wrong; but I didn´t have any luck doing this. For this reason I didn´t write any of the girls that agreed to meet me before my trip.

I think the motivation for most of the men who decide to utilize this option of meeting women is the beauty of the women themselves. Also, as you probably know very well, men are visual creatures. Our initial attraction to any woman is almost always physical. On the other hand, since most of the women you meet in Barranquilla are probably going to be gorgeous anyway, that might not be a bad idea. The bad thing is there so many women in International Introductions group meetings they´d probably have to last for about 4-6 hours to get enough “intellectual stimulation” from any particular girl. I don´t think anyone could say that Jamie´s method was ineffective. The track record of his marriage agency would blow that opinion out of the water.

The ladies asked a variety of questions, but the most common were:

“Why would you travel all the way to Colombia to find love?”
“What do you think about Colombia as a country?”
“Do you want a big family?”
“Are you Catholic?”
“Tell me about you producing job and the music industry in the United States.”

In reference to the last question; in addition to my day job, I´m a Hip Hop and R"B producer here in my home town. I also own a state of the art recording studio. I´ve worked with a couple of big names which I won´t mention here because it´s not relevant to this forum. But I will tell you that Colombian women LOVE music and they LOVE to dance even more. I realized that this greatly increased the number of women that were interested in me very early. For the most part these women will look at the pictures you send with your profile and decide whether or not they want to read more about you. If they make the decision to do so, they read everything you´ve wrote very thoroughly and they will remember each word VERBATIM! Besides the generic questions I listed above, most of the other questions had to do with things I wrote in my profile.

Allow me to continue.

When I got over the initial shock of seeing her for the first time, my translator asked me where we wanted to eat. I told her it was up to my date. I didn´t really know anything about dining out in Barranquilla, so I figured she´d have a favorite place to go. I´ll admit, she could have said the Moon and I would have tried to buy a rocket ship. I was absolutely infatuated with her in the first few seconds. She told my translator Italian. I was like, “GREAT!” My translator told the taxi driver to take us to a little spot about 15 minutes away. The place was humble. It had that “family owned” feel. It reminded me of one of the pizza parlor´s in Little Italy I visited on my last trip to NYC. I was so damn nervous! The good thing was she was too. She told the translator that her legs had been shaking all day thinking about our date that night. That was probably the most flattering thing I´ve ever heard a woman that gorgeous say about me. Our conversation was very minimal at first. We were mostly just making eye contact for 30 seconds at a time and giggling like elementary school kids with their first crush. Our translator jokingly commented that we were both acting like dorks. She tried to get the conversation flowing, but we were both too damn nervous. The initial attraction was just way too strong! My translator then took drastic measures. She told me she had to go to the bathroom and just left. Before I could say, “wait a minute” she was off. “Well,” I told myself. “Time to try on my Spanish wings and see if I can fly.” I asked her did she like her lasagna in Spanish. Her eyes got HUGE! “Hablas espanol?” she asked me. “Un poquito pero tú tienes que hablar despacio” I replied. That relaxed her a little. I ordered some white wine and we began to talk more. Slowly but surely the night was evolving into an actual date. Before then we were both acting pretty childish. My translator finally returned to the table after about 15 minutes (Bathroom break… yeah right! She knew exactly what she was doing!). Things got a lot better after that. We had tons of questions for each other. The conversation flowed for the next two hours. It was magic. This girl oh my GOD this girl. She was so perfect for me. Everything she said. Everything she did all her mannerisms. The little faces she made at me. The way we looked in each other’s eyes she took my breath away. I was having dinner with the most beautiful women I´d ever seen in my life, and she was clinging on to my every word. Keep in mind gentleman, THIS WAS ONLY MY FIRST DAY IN BARRANQUILLA!!!!! After about 3 hours she told my translator it was getting late and she had to go to work in the morning. My translator called a taxi and they took me back to my room. Before she left we gave each other a long, embracing hug and she kissed me on the cheek. We looked into each other’s eyes for about 20 seconds straight before she actually got back into the taxi. I watched her and my translator drive off. She was staring at me out of the back window until they turned the corner.

Now gentlemen, this is when the story gets really, really soft. If you were expecting some type of macho multiple girl adventure tale, you might want to stop reading now. As many trip reports as I´ve read advising against this. As many times as Jamie told me “date as many girls as possible until you´re sure you´ve found someone you want to get serious about.” Against my better judgment and all the advice I got before going down. I DID NOT WANT TO DATE ANY OTHER GIRL AFTER THAT NIGHT!!!!!

I know, I know. Stupid idea, hence the title of this trip report. If you can bear with me, please read on. I made dates with about seven girls from the group meetings before I met her. I did not want to break any of the dates because that would have been disrespectful in my eyes. That´s not how I operate. I´m a gentleman. My translator also advised against this. She told me, “You never know!” As I mentioned before, I also had two more group meetings. I´ll be honest with you guys. It was exciting when I first got there. It´s a hell of an ego trip. But all I wanted to do is spend all my time there with this girl. ALL OF IT!!! When I woke up in the morning I took a shower and called my translator immediately after. I told her to call the girl and make sure she got home safe the night before. I had actually dreamed about her believe it or not. She said okay and called me back. She said the girl had asked when she could see me again. “My Goodness,” I thought to myself. “Is this really happening?” I told her today, but my translator explained that her schedule didn´t agree with mine. When she was free, I had group meetings. When she was at work, I had free time. It really disappointed me. I couldn´t wait to see her again. We set something up for later on that night and I told myself I could wait. This gets a lot better. Just give me some time. Even now, I´m still exhaling from the entire experience. The only way to learn how not to be an idiot is to listen to one.

It was Saturday, I had a group meeting that morning at the office around 10 a.m. Jamie told me that he had another guy coming in the next day, so he asked was it okay to move me to the beach house for the remainder of my stay. What do you think I said? LOL! I finished getting dressed around 9:30 and sat in my room at the office watching TV for about 45 more minutes. My translator knocked on the door and asked was I ready around 10:15. I said “Sure!”, even though I had no interest in meeting any other girls. All I could think was “no one´s going to compare to her.” I stepped out of the office to be greeted by 7 women. Man… let me tell you. ALL OF THEM, AND I DO MEAN ALL OF THEM WERE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I just couldn´t believe so many girls were interested in me. This group was full of very confident and outgoing women. When my translator broke the ice, it started to melt pretty fast. I didn´t do much question asking. Instead, they were grilling the shit out of me. Not that I was trying to, but I was just saying all the right things. To be honest I was just being myself. They asked me what I wanted in a wife and I was honest. They asked me did I cook and I was honest. They asked whether or not family was important to me and I was completely honest. I wasn´t trying to impress these women, but I traveled to Colombia to find a girl because of the type of person I am. That type just happens to be what most of them were looking for. Anyway, I really had fun with this group. At the end a girl actually pull me to the side and told me “you are the perfect man.” WOW! I really didn´t care though. All I was thinking about was my girl. I´ll admit it was flattering, but all I wanted was to see my baby girl again. After everything was over I went into the office and waited a few minutes. My translator came in a little while later and asked did I want to take anyone out. All I said was “I think you know the answer to that.” She said, “Yeah, I know. But you might want to reconsider because all of them like you and all of them want to go out with you. You´re a hit!” Again, very flattering, but I just really didn´t give a shit. I told her to forget about it. They were all nice. They really were! But I was already committed to about 7 other dates that I didn´t want to go on. The way I figured, any additional women would just be wasting time, money and energy. I had already made my decision. I know, I know. El Idiota!

I had a lunch date with one of the girls from the first group around 1 p.m. We went to pick her up and decided to have Arabian. I´ve actually never eaten Arabian food, so I was excited about trying it for the first time. What the hell… I´m on vacation! When we picked her up she looked great. Much better than in the group meeting, I think she had just came from work or something on the day of the meeting. We talked a while. I enjoyed her company. She was very intelligent, and she was a girl who could enjoy a drink every once in a while. We actually ended up going to a small bar after the restaurant and bought a bottle of Old Parr. I’m not a big fan of Scotch but the stuff is pretty good for the price. Me and her polished off about a half a bottle and I decided I wanted to leave. I promised her we could finish the bottle together before I left. I´m not quite sure why I did that. I had already made up my mind. That decision caught up with me later. That night I was seeing my baby and that´s all that mattered to me. I started to get butterflies in my stomach as soon as I hit the shower. I was acting so lame. I mean I´m a pretty smooth guy in the states. The ladies don´t faze me one bit. But this one… my goodness I was in the palm of her hands.

I´m not trying to draw this out, but I want to be as descriptive as possible. For any newbie out there thinking about doing this, I´m trying to help you out. This story gets better, but then gets a lot worse. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I had 6 more dates well, actually seven if you count the girl I promised to finish the bottle with and then I could dedicate all my time to my baby. I was going to sit here and actually give a short run down of all of them but I´m way too busy for that shit. I´ve been away from work for 10 days for goodness sake! All the girls I went on dates with were nice. One was an animal lover. She had like 9 dogs, 4 cats and a bird. Not really my thing but I could tell she was a very kind and understanding person. She actually told me that she´d turned down every other invitation for group meetings because she was afraid of getting rejected by a guy she was really interested in. She told me she had never been happier in her life than when the marriage agency called and told her I wanted to have a date. This girl was really sweet. I actually felt bad sitting there talking to her because I knew this was probably the last time I was going to see her. Before I left Colombia my translator told me she had been calling the agency asking about me. CRAZY! There was another girl who was extremely classy. Her clothes, her makeup, the way she carried herself. You could just tell she was very well bred. She actually knew English pretty well. This one impressed me the entire time we were together. I´m a big WWII buff and she probably knew more about it than me. I really had a nice time with her. There was a girl who was a singer. Another who had a daughter honestly too many to remember; but they each had their strong points. I think all of them would make excellent wives. But like I said, I had made my decision.

While I was dating these girls during the day, I was spending time with my baby girl every night. Man, she was like a drug. The high I would feel when she was around was amazing. We would pillow fight and wrestle. Talk for hours in broken English and Spanish. I cooked for her a few times. I can honestly say that they were the best nights of my life. My only problem was every time I´d see her she´d ask about how my dates were going with other girls. My translator would always give me this crazy look when she asked. As if she was trying to tell me not to say anything stupid. I never answered. I just shrugged it off every time she´d bring it up.

Let me tell you guys something. These women are not stupid. They know how the marriage agency works and they are well aware that they have competition. From time to time, you can´t help but wonder if it´s more about winning than YOU for some of them. Who knows?

So on my 5th day in Barranquilla I was finally finished with the dates. I finally got a chance to spend some time with her during the day. My translator came to the beach house a little early that day and told me we needed to talk. She told me there was a problem with her and I and I needed to seriously consider asking her where we stood. Jamie, the translators, HELL, the girls that work in the office, none of them will sugar coat things for you. They´re all going to be brutally honest. ESPECIALLY JAMIE!!! This is another thing I don´t feel comfortable about publicly posting, but let´s just say my initial question about traveling to Colombia turned out to be a real issue. When my girl got there I told my translator to come up to the bedroom so I could talk to her. I didn´t want to waste anymore time pouring my heart out to this girl if a future with her was impossible. So I gave it to her. All of it. Raw and uncut. I´m not someone who bullshits and she got a full dose of real talk. The entire ordeal lasted about 20 minutes. After I finished my translator left to give us some time alone. I hadn´t realized it before I finished the lecture but she was balling her eyes out. I´m talking about weeping! We sat there in silence for about 20 more minutes and then she got up. She grabbed her bag, walked towards the door and said “Ciao.”

“FUCK!” I thought to myself. Now I´ve done it! I screamed my translator name at the top of my lungs and told my girl to “wait” in Spanish. My translator ran up the stairs and came back into the room. I knew how to say what I said next in Spanish, but I didn´t want to mess it up. I needed my girl to understand what I was asking perfectly. I told my translator to ask her, “Are you leaving me forever, or just for today?” My translator and her start going at it in Spanish. They´re both talking so fast it sounds like a couple of Puerto Rican Soccer Commentators. I couldn´t make out a thing! After about 5 minutes of that, she decides not to leave after all. I don´t know what my translator said till this day, but this is what I was talking about earlier. Somehow, some way, she made sense of everything and we both calmed down.

After that day it was smooth sailing. When she wasn´t at work, she was with me. We spent every free moment together. When she was at work I was bringing her flowers or something to eat or just going to see her. She wrote me love letters. We went to the beach. I have it bad gentlemen. Really bad!

She had to work on the morning I left. I went to go see and her and she had bought me a gift. I´m not a coffee drinker but when I tasted Colombian coffee I became one. She was always laughing at me when we went to restaurants because I´d order it everywhere no matter what time of day it was. She bought me a really nice coffee mug and a jar of Colombia´s finest. I think it was the first time in history a black man blushed. She cried like a baby. I really didn´t want to leave. I really didn´t. I was thinking up some crazy reasons to stay but I had to come back to work. My boss was already emailing me like crazy. Before I left I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said “of course!”

So here I am. Back in the states miserable. Man I miss her. It´s driving me crazy! It hurts? Gents, it really does. Like someone just took your arm and FedEx it to South America. I´m going back in November. I bought the ticket before I left Colombia. I only pray that we can keep our bond strong over the next 3 months.

There were 3 more ladies that really impressed me absolutely gorgeous girls. I don´t regret my decision not to continue dating them, but you can´t help but think what if, you know. My girl is only 20. That scares me because women at that age over here aren´t ready for anything serious. They´re childish, indecisive, and they have no idea what a real man is. By the time they find out, they´re usually single moms that are so bitter no one wants them anymore. I´m praying this is different with Colombian women. I´ll admit, she´s a little childish at times; but in a cute way. Makes me laugh my ass off!

If you believe in God, please pray for us. If you don´t, wish us luck. I need all the support I can get. From friends and strangers alike. The reason I call myself an idiot here is because of what I let happen to me. I´m a very analytical person. I think about every decision I make thoroughly. Before I take a step, I´m thinking about the last 5, and the next 10. I´ve only been beaten in Chess one time. But this time, human nature got the best of me. Like my translator kept telling me, “What´s wrong? This is what you came here for!”."

We Make Happen What Can’t Happen Alone

One Happy Man… Many Hopeful Women

Great Site But I´m Not Happy with the Number of “Black” Women Who Say They Want White Men.
Leaves One Empty
Black Man meeting many Colombian women with only one chair vacant
The Black men who use our
introductions services are very
successful. You now know
which Latin women not to bother with.

International Introductions: The American Man´s Alternative to American Women
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