Volcan Totumo
El Totumo

A volcanic cone full of mud about sixty feet high between Barranquilla and Cartagena (nearby), where one can take a twenty-minute mud bath (float on the grey mud while being massaged by male attendants). Afterwards, touchy female attendant will wash-off the mud in the lake. Best not to go during weekends when it can be crowded with a line. Up to twenty people can fit inside. Mornings are best to have the place for just you and your partner. Cost including tips is negligible.

Grassland by the Totumo mud volcano
Woman floating in grey mud
Totumo Swamp or lake next the mud volcano
Mountains at the other side of the Totumo lagoon
View of the lagoon near the Totumo mud volcano
CiƩnaga by the Totumo mud volcano
A glimpse of the Totumo lagoon partially by trees
Cacti by the Totumo mud volcano and the lagoon
Attractive woman posing next to the Totumo mud volcano