A Spathodea campanulata tree in full orange bloom surrounded by green vegetation
Spathodea campanulata (African Tulip Tree)

One of the more attractive trees and almost always in bloom. However, on the Caribbean coast where it is windy, the flowering is less than inland. Cultivate below 6,000 feet. Photographed in the central Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Central).

A Spathodea campanulata raceme with orange flowers
A cluster of orange flowers with claw-shaped buds
The top of a Spathodea campanulata tree with bright orange flowers
Reddish-orange, tulip-like Spathodea campanulata flowers
Racemes of spathodea campanulata flowers and buds
A mostly deciduous Spathodea campanulata tree with some orange blooms and many Bromeliads on the branches under blue sky