A pink rose flower with dark pink markings in sunlight
Rosa (Pink Roses)

Photographed in Bogotá and the Valle del Cacua.

Multi-colored pink rose with white marking and new reddish leaves
A white rose with pink on the underside and borders of the flower petals
Pink and dark pink rose flower with yellow stamens
A dark pink and light pink rose with a yellow center
A dark pink rose flower
A pink rose with dark rose-colored marking
A rose stem with a pink rose flower
Three pink roses one with white markings
Soft pink rose
A pink rose with hints of yellow
A pink rose with dark pink veins and yellow stamens
A light pink rose with a yellow center and reddish stamens
A pink Rose glowing in sunlight
A dark pink-red rose flower with green sepals
Pink, white and rose-colored rose
A pink Rose in sunshine
Violet-pink rose