A church near a beach with a small plaza and a statue under blue skies

A small city of under 300,000 in the hot, dry state of La Guajira. The city has a long beach and a main street that parallels the ocean where artisan sell handcrafts on the sidewalk. Livestock, fishing and tourism are the leading economic activities.

A blue statue representing historical figures of La Guajira with beach, ocean and palm trees in the background
The Divina Pastora church with a statue of a conquistador in the foreground
A statue of yellow butterflies with canons and palm trees and caribean in the background under blue skies
Main street Riohacha with a canon, statue, church, palm trees, beach and ocean
Riohacha sidewalk along the main avenue
A long sidewalk paralleling the beach and ocean
A cathedral behind green trees under blue skies
The front entrance of the Riohacha cathedral
A display with the word Riohacha spelled out with a red heart
Colombian mom hugging her happy young daughter in front of a colorful tile statue honoring the Wayuu indians
A blue statue representing historical figures of La Guajira with palm trees in the background
A Colombian mom and daughter sitting in the jaws of a large ceramic shark
Colorful mochilas displayed on a sidewalk
A golden statue of a seated man with a hat, cane and glasses under blue skies