Yellow-chested Great Kiskadee with leather-colored back and tail, while the head has black and white stripes, standing on a tree branch
Pitangus sulphuratus (Great Kiskadee)

Photographed in Barranquilla. This bird is very common in cities and towns. However, you will see very few birds in Colombian cities. I use to think there were not enough micro nature habitats to sustain them. For example, Barranquilla has very few parks and most are rundown. But now I believe it is the infestation of rats in the cities that has killed-off nesting birds. To see the large variety of colorful birds Colombia has you have to look outside the city.

Pitangus sulphuratus on a branch with blue sky in the background
Pitangus sulphuratus showing its bright yellow breast
Great Kiskadee on a branch showing its yellow breast
Great-Kiskadee on a branch showing its yellow breast
Pitangus sulphuratus kiskadee showing its yellow breast
The brown back feather of the Great Kiskadee
Bright yellow breast feathers
Bird on a branch with beak open
Great Kiskadee on a branch
Bird on a tree