mall church in Piojo, Colombia

This small town may have the highest elevation between Barranquilla and Cartagena at around 1200 feet. Piojó is locate on a hill called, Old Hill. A dirt road leads to the top of the hill, which is around 1500 feet, however, the military blocks the road close to the summit preventing you from reaching the top. The town advertises itself as an ecotourism destination, but I saw no evidence of such accommodations or attractions. There is a mirador in town which is a location with a view. However, along the coast there is often a haze that prevents a clear view of the surrounding area. At the mirador there is a large sign with an attractive picture of how the mirador park will look. Yet, there has been no work beyond a concrete platform that was built and no evidence that more will be done. The sign is over two years old and says, the transformation is a fact. I guess bureaucrats and politicians saying something is a fact when it’s not really a fact is the closes they can get to the fact.

Small grass hill with a view of the countryside north of Piojo
Green grass hillside with the sea in the distance
Visita from Piojo facing sea
 View of the countryside east of Piojo
Visita from Piojo