A yellow Passiflora Edulis Var. Flavicarpa fruit next to two halves with with yellow-orange pulp in top of a wood chair glistening in sunset light
Passiflora Edulis Var. Flavicarpa (Yellow Passion Fruit)

Native to Colombia and widely cultivated below 6,000 feet. The popular, acidic fruit is called maracuy√° in Colombia and makes a delicious juice. The green to yellow colored fruit is sold in all the grocery stores and is an export product. Photographed in the central Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Central).

One yellow and green passiflora edulis fruit cut in half and held by hand
Three white Passiflora edulis flowers with purple and white coronas in dabble sunlight
A white Passiflora Edulis flower with green stigmas and filaments and cream colored anther and purple and white coronas
Cultivated Passiflora edulis vines with hanging green fruits growing on top of a wire cover