An attractive five-year old girl with an orange mamón near her mouth
Melicoccus bijugatus

One of four native Colombian species of the genus Melicoccus with a habitat below 5,000 feet. The green fruit is called mamón in Colombia and is normally sold on roadsides and is seasonal (April and May in the North of Colombia). The skin is easy to crack with fingers and the tasty, sweet orange pulp around the large seed is sucked on. This small fruit has medicinal and nutritional benefits. Photographed in the department of Atlantico.

An orange bowl of whole Melicoccus bijugatus green fruit and open fruit exposing the orange fruit and the seed
A beautiful five-year old girl with a half open green and orange mamón in her hand
A Melicoccus bijugatus cluster of green fruit on the tree
Melicoccus bijugatus inflorescence with yellow flowers