A large cluster of high rises creeping up the mountains

Known as the City of the Eternal Spring, the second largest city in Colombia (metropolitan population of 3.8 million) is considered by many Colombians as the best city to live in. The average highs are in the low 80s and the average lows in the low 60s. It rains all year to about 70 inches. Medellín is situated in the Aburrá valley of the eastern Andes range at 5000 feet. Medellín has a pollution, traffic and crime problem making it undesirable to those that took the time to find more desirable locations in Colombia to live.

A vista of congested Medellin and tall green mountains in the background
Vista of Medellin on a clear sunny day
Section of the city of Medellin
White columns represent a forest
Girl on top of mom's shoulder in front of statue
A sunny day in Medellin with white clouds over the mountains
A sunny day in Medellin
Old brown church
Statues in front of building