Guajira vista of Cabo de la Vela and different colored rocks

Once you past the coastal mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the land goes from green jungle to xeric shrublands within a very short drive as you enter the peninsula of Guajira. This is one of only two small desert regions in Colombia. The Wayuu indians live here and appear to be mainly goat herders. There is a huge coal mining operation in Guajira.

Guajira desert near the shoreline
Red colored Guajira desert
Guajira desert near the shoreline
Guajira lake, sand and mountains
Guajira desert coastline with blue sky and rust color sand
Cabo de la Vela Vista
Vista of Cabo
Guajira Desert with the mountains in the back
Guajira Desert on an overcast day
Landscape of the desert
Boat beached in Guajira
Mud and stick hut with hatch roof and a pregnant Colombian woman wearing white