A half a mangosteen exposing the reddish-purple colored rind around a white pulp and a whole purple mangosteen held in the palm of a hand
Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen)

There are seven native Colombian species of the genus Garcinia, but this is not one of them. A slow-growing fruit tree that is not widely cultivate in Colombia and therefore somewhat expensive and often not in the supermarkets. In Colombia it is called, Mangostino. The fruit is usually sold on the streets (sometimes in pick-up trucks) close to where it grows. The white juicy pulp is what is eaten and it is sweet and delicious. You can also eat the nutty seed inside the pulp (sometimes the pulp is free of seeds). If you are not able to push your thumb into the fruit it is best not to buy it. There is a large mangosteen orchid farm between Honda and Mariquita where you can buy the fruit wholesale. Photographed in Mariquita.

Two yellow Garcinia mangostana fruits on a tree