A view of Colonial Cartagena from the sea
Colonial Cartagena (The Walled City)

A drop-off point for cruise ships. A casual walk inside the colonial Walled City where there are good restaurants, shops, and photographic opportunities can take all day.

A large dining plaza surrounded by orange and yellow buildings during the late afternon
Churches inside the wall city
Long yellow building used as a marketplace
Attractive colonial buildings surrounding an empty plaza
The walkway under the arch of Las Bovedas and a school across the street
A long white building with arches facing outside of Old Town with statures in front of the building
Three church towers in view from inside the stone wall city
A yellow and white building inside the old city with metal statues are on display in front
Old Town wall paralleing the ocean
A sidewalk displaying colorful pursues and paintings in front of a deteriorating wall
A balcony with flowers near the Santo Domingo Church
A Colombian woman inside the wall city
A typical narrow street inside the wall city
A Cartagena woman in front of the colorful buildings along the narrow streets of Old Town
People walking along the narrow old town streets
A church at the end of a narrow street