A Colombian motel designed as a castle with walls and towers
Colombian Motels

Since it is hard for many Colombians living with extended families to find privacy where they live, per-hour model rooms are considered an acceptable venue to take your partner. These models can be nothing more than a small room with a hard bed to a decorated theme-room with a variety of amenities such as your own private jacuzzi. On the coast many of these models are styled like castles. I am not sure why, but wonder if it is tied to the fantasy of a woman finding her “principe azul” (blue prince). In Colombia and other parts of Latin America, folklore talks about a handsome man of royalty taking a woman away and providing her with all the love and security she needs. The color blue appears to refer to wealthy white men who did not work outside, therefore allowing you to see their blue veins through their white skin. Another terminology used by Latin Americans in referencing their dream partner is “media naranaja” (half orange). This comes from a myth where at one time people were round like oranges, and they were attempting to take over God, who learned of this, and cut everyone in half, so they would be less powerful. The phrase means looking for ones other half.

A Colombia motel with an Egyptian style architect
A Colombian motel with an ancient Greek architect