A coconut display of different sizes and colors on a driftwood that is on the beach and a yellow coconut inflorescence with flowers and small yellow coconuts leaning on the driftwood
Cocos nucifera (Coconut Palm)

At one time it was considered a native palm. Cultivated below 5,000 feet. The Coco takes about a year to mature. Around the five month stage you can drink the water (coconut juice) and eat the soft meat of the coconut, which is often sold fresh by street vendors. Heading towards Santa Marta from Barranquilla a couple of miles from the Alberto Pumarejo bridge there are dozens of vendors along the highway selling coconuts. The coconut tree is common along the north coast of Colombia and is used to make coconut rice a popular side-dish with fried fish. Coconut milk with lime makes an excellent juice.

A Caribbean women on a wooden boat on the beach behind a display of coconuts
A yellow Cocos nucifera inflorescence with yellow flowers next to two halved coconuts all of which are on top of other coconuts
Three yellow and brown coconut and a halved coconut exposing the white pulp on driftwood
A yellow Cocos nucifera inflorescence with flowers and coconuts against a driftwood on the beach with coconuts on top and an old wooden red and white boat in the background
New orange Cocos nucifera fruit on the tree
Clusters of sunset yellow Cocos nucifera fruit on the tree
A cluster of green Cocos nucifera fruit on the tree
Coconut palms under blue sky
Live and dead coconut palms in under blue sky
A Colombian woman wearing a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses drinking a Coco Frio with a straw from a large green coconut