Raindrops dripping from a green lime hanging from a tree
Citrus aurantiifolia (Lime)

Cultivated below 8,500 feet. Lime is a very popular fruit in Colombia where it is called Limón. You can purchase twenty limes for about 50 cents. Whereas the sweeter lemons are imported and infrequently sold. I have not seen any lemon tree cultivated in Colombia. Photographed in Acacias and the department of Quindio.

A white Lime flower with yellow anthers above a pinkish flower bud
Three Citrus aurantiifolia flowers with tan-color anthers in sunlight
A white Citrus aurantiifolia flower and an a rust-orange butterfly feeding from its nectar
A cluster of white lime flowers with yellow stigmas under blue skies
Two white Citrus aurantiifolia flowers with yellow stigmas