A flowering vine in the foreground of a vista of Cartagena

The fifth-largest city in Colombia (A metropolitan of about 1,100,000) is a major tourism destination in Colombia. On the Caribbean the port city is hot with a four to five month dry season. The most popular spots would include Old Town and the nearby islands.

Cartagena city view
A statue of two large shoes in front of an historical fort
A Colombian mom and her daughter on a hill-top overlooking Cartagena
A large historical fort surrounded by grass
The yellow and tan Convention center with the sea in the foreground
A large old fort surrounded by grass under blue sky and white clouds
A red and rust-orange stadium used for bullfights
The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a statue of a solder with a sword, the Colombian flag and palm trees
Two large shoes in front of the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas
The top of the fort with canons facing outward toward La Popa hill
Old fort guard-tower in front of a statue of seagulls overlooking the blue ocean
The stone walls and guard-towers of a historical fort overlooking the ocean
Two historical forts with modern buildings in the background
Hill of La Popa and Castillo San Felipe with mangroves and a sea inlet in the foreground
The hill of La Popa from the sea
Cartagena vista from the bay
A vista of the north-east section of Cartagena and the ocean
A vista of the south section of Cartagena and the bay