Orange bracts with yellow and orange inflorescence

Hundreds of varieties are endemic to Colombia where it is very common in the wild. Photographed in the Andes mountains.

Pinkish spike with light green bracts and a blue flower with orange stamens
Orange-red inflorescence with green flowers in sunlight
A bromeliad protruding into sunlight with  a rust color spike and yellow flowers buds and light green flowers
Rose-pink spike with white and pink flower buds and small blue flowers
Red bracts with white flowers
Dark red inflorescence with yellow flowers in front of blooming red euphorbia millii plants
Red with yellow Bromeliad bracts
A yellow-orange inflorescence
Yellow-orange Spike
Bromeliad on a tree branch with yellow and orange spikes
Bromeliads on top of a tree branch with orange spikes
Many Bromeliads on top of a tree
Tall reddish pink Bromeliad spikes growing on top of a tree
One Bromeliad on the top of a tree with two upright red spikes
A bright orange Bromeliad inflorescence with green tips and orange bracts
Pretty girl and a background of Bromeliads
Cute girl in front of red and yelow Bromeliad spikes
Red and yellow inflorescence spike
Two tall dark red upright bromeliad spikes
Orange spike with orange-yellow flowers
A Bromeliad on a dead tree with yellow-green inflorescences
Orange bracts with yellow flowers