The high-rises of the north side of Barranquilla from the sea

Barranquilla, the fourth largest city in Colombia (a metropolitan area of less than two million) is not a coastal city, yet as you can see very close to the Caribbean. The north side of Barranquilla with a little rise in elevation is the best part of town and dense with many apartment high-rises. There has been a building boom in Barranquilla for over ten years. The city is adjacent to the west side of the Magdalena River which crosses almost 1,000 miles through Colombia. Barranquilla has a dry season from December to May. The wind also picks-up during this time making it dustier and nosier. On most days of the year, the view is not clear due to haze and blowing dirt. Air-condition is needed at night since the temperature only drops to the high 70s. Barranquilla is an industrial and port city with very limited touristic interest. However, there are many short-trip getaways. Going east across the new Pumarejo bridge you reach mountains and beautiful beaches within two to four hours. Going west you enjoy Cartagena and Caribbean islands also within two to four hours. North takes you to the mouth of the Magdalena River and a strip of land that extends to where the river meets the sea. A rail cart can take you close to the tip, it is best to sit on the opposite end of the loud and smoky motor. If you go south, well you're likely lost, only the adventuress travel the hot, swampy, isolated, pasture and agricultural lands of the campesinos. Many of the photos here represent Barranquilla on rare clear days. Including a rare view of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta from Barranquilla, which is only about two hours away, yet rarely seen due to haze or cloud cover. The remaining photos are of Malecon (river walkway), the Salgar Castle, architectures and churches of Barranquilla.

Central Barranquilla high-rises on a clear sunny morning with fluffy clouds
Barranquilla struck by the setting sun giving a glow to the skyscrapers while darkness covers the foreground vegetation
Industrial Barranquilla and port adjacent to the Magdalena River
A very clear day vista of east Barranquilla with the Magdalena river in the background
The grey outline of the Sierra de Nevada Mountains from Barranquilla in early morning
Southern Barranquilla during sunset with the Magdalena river in the background
North-central Barranquilla under cloudy skies
Barranquilla vista from the river port
Barranquilla from the mouth of the Magdalena River and the dirt road that leads to the mouth of the river
Rain clouds over the city of Barranquilla
Barranquilla vista from the town of Tubara
Barranquilla's skyline from the distance
An attractive Colombian woman sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean near Barranquilla on a clear sunny day
The yellow Castle Salgar and shoreline cliffs in the foreground during sunset
The strip of land that leads to the mouth of the Magdalena river with the sea in the foreground
Vegetation growing on the Magdalena river with Barranquilla high-rises in the background
A walkway parallel to the Magdalena River and a lone fishing boat
Long yellow and white building under blue skies
Estacion Montoya offices and courtyard statue
Light blue and white building
Large church and courtyard
Front of church with two towers colored pink and white
Side front view of the church when new
Iglesia de San Roque in downtown Barranquilla
Spanish colonial hotel decor of Hotel Prado