White and rose color petals of adenium obesum flowers in bright sunlight with a dark background
Adenium obesum (Desert Rose)

One of my favorites, beautiful, unusual, doesn´t need much water and blooms often. It costs more than most plants in Colombia so you won´t see many and they do best where it is hot below 3,000 feet. The colors here in Colombia are limited to shades or combinations of red, rose, pink and white. Missing are the newer incredible color varieties available in the world market. Almost everything here is standard fare when it comes to ornamental plants; there are not many hybrids. I grew a few hybrid varieties from seeds that germinated quickly and grew to two feet in two years and one is now over seven feet. Even in the quickly draining sandy soil of Barranquilla, this plant can get root rot during the months of heavy rain. Scales can also be a problem. If this plant is within an arm's reach of the public they will steal it, by breaking branches off or pulling the plant. One of the peculiarities here is that many people (particularly old ladies) think it is okay to take parts or all of your plant. One old lady passing by my garden asked if she could take a plant. After telling her, of course not, she said, “I didn´t have to ask, I´ll just come back another time and take it.”

Three beautiful Adenium obesum flowers with yellow throats and white and rose colored petals
Adenium obesum flowers, leaves and  succulent stems
One rose-red colored Adenium obesum flower
Red and pink adenium obesum flowers