The bright yellow flower spikes of an Abatia parviflora tree with a gray sky background
Abatia parviflora

The only native Colombian species of the genus Abatia. This tree can be seen in Bogotá. Photographed in the eastern Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Oriental). Grows between 6,500 to 11,000 feet and is a bee magnet.

Colombia is a paradise for plants with over 130,000 plant species and more endemic species than any other country. Every nature trip is a discovery of new, beautiful flowers. Even with the abundance of beautiful plants native to Colombia, surprisingly the most popular plants cultivated in gardens are imported ornamental plants. While almost all of Colombia is either tropical or sub-tropical terrain many tropical and sub-tropical plants will have a limited elevation range where they can grow in Colombia. This is due to the constant year-round temperature range at any given elevation. For example, at an elevation of 5,000 feet you will have a high around 80 and a low around 60 all year. Plants that need more heat or cold will not grow at this elevation.

This tree is the first of over 1,300 species photographed in Colombia. The plants are in alphabetical order by family, genus, or species depending on the closes identification determined. The site map on the website gives a listing of all the plants.

Many yellow flowers on one spike of an Abatia parviflora
A bee collecting nectar on top of a spike of yellow flowers from an Abatia parviflora tree