Bright red Callianthe flower with orange-yellow stamens
Callianthe hybrid and Callianthe pictum (Flowering Maple)

Colombia has one native species of genus Callianthe. However most of these photos are of hybrids. These plants are common in and around Bogotá where they were photographed. Cultivated between 4,500 and 9,300 feet in Colombia.

One unset orange Abutilon flower and one leaf and one flower bud
Pure yellow Callianthe flower
Dark pink Callianthe flower with a yellow-green sepal
A white Callianthe flower with yellow stamens
Orange petals with red veins and orange stamens
Red Callianthe flower in sunlight with a green sepal and yellow anthers
Yello Callianthe flower
An orange Callianthe flower with red veins, yellow anthers and orange filaments
Bright sunny yellow Callianthe flower
The orange throat of a Callianthe picta flower with yellow anthers
Reddish-pink Callianthe flower
Reddish-pink Callianthe flower surrounded by green and yellow variegated leaves
Reddish-pink Callianthe flowers and green and yellow variegated leaves
Yellow Callianthe flowers and green flower buds
Orange anthers and flower petals and pink filaments on a Callianthe flower
Yellow Callianthe flower with orange-yellow anthers
Bright yellow Callianthe flower with orange anthers
Callianthe shrub with orange-peach colored flowers
Variegated Callianthe leaves with orange flowers