A hand-full of orange and green plums
Spondias purpurea

Native to Colombia the fruit is called ciruela which is also the name used for the purple plums commonly sold in the U.S. It is common for different things in Colombia to share the same name which can be confusing. The sweet (when orange) and tasty fruit is eaten whole except for the large seed which takes up the majority of the fruit. It is sold on the streets and outdoor markets and is harvest in April and May in northern Colombia

Spondias purpurea (orange plums) on top of a narrow wooden bowl
Spondias purpurea red fruit hanging on a tree
Small red Spondias purpurea flowers
Fallen red spondias purpurea fruit scattered on the ground
Cut off Spondias purpurea branch with flowers blossoming
Wooden bowl with ripe spondias purpureas
Sweet and ripe spondias purpureas ready to be eaten
Table laid out with food and wine made from spondias purpurea
Display of spondias purpurea cakes for sale laid out on a table