Santa Marta vista from the west looking east
Santa Marta

A small port and tourist city 70 minutes east of Barranquilla. The climate is hot and dry receiving just a third of the rain that Barranquilla receives due to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the south.

Vista of the south of Santa Marta with coast mountains in the background
South section of Santa Marta
Vista of Santa Marta looking west to east
Vista of the whole city from the mountains to the south on a clear day
Beach walkway leading to the boat harbor with green mountains in the background and blue skies
Santa Marta Island and ship harbor walkway
Santa Marta statue of an indian and small rock island in the background
Statues and pink tile floor in small plaza
Side view of the white church and two domes and red tile plaza
From view the church with large wooden doors and clock tower
Vista of Santa Marta in the morning from the Victory coffee farm
Vista of Santa Marta from Kennedy mountain on a clear day with white clouds forming
Four year old girl sitting next to an Indian statue at night in Santa Marta