Juicy deep-red Rubus glaucus berries in a black bowl
Rubus glaucus (Andean Blackberry)

Native to Colombia it is a tart blackberry with a habitat above 6,000 feet. The fruit is called mora in Colombia and is very popular and always in season. It is primarily used as a delicious juice with sugar. It is also mixed with milk. It is available in supermarkets frozen or chilled and in the markets fresh. Photographed in the eastern Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Oriental).

Bright red and dark red Rubus glaucus berries hanging from a bush
A five-petal white Rubus glaucus flower with green filaments and brown anthers
A white Rubus glaucus flower with green and red filaments and white anthers
A Rubus glaucus branch with dark red berries
Red Rubus glaucus berries on a bush