Colombian road sign of an anteater
Colombian Road Signs

What I don’t understand are the road signs warning you of cattle. Instead of building signs to watch out for cattle, why not keep the cattle off the roads. The streets are hazardous enough with Colombian Carmageddon drivers without throwing cattle into the mix. When Colombia is not adding to the dangerous driving conditions, they are making it difficult to find your destination. Either the road on the map does not exist, or you reach a fork with no directional sign telling you which way to go. Driving in Colombia is only for the prepared and attentive.

Sometimes roads don’t exist, because it fell down the mountain. Mountain roads are prone to landslides, and unless passage is completely blocked, there will be no hurry to fix it. If one-lane on a two-lane road collapses down the mountain-side, as long as you have a few meters of road left, it is considered a viable road. Most roads outside the city will not have lights or pavement. If there is hole in the road big enough to sink your car, there is unlikely to be any barriers or warning signals. Which is why I suggest you don’t drive at night, unless you are on a major throughway. And the biggest hazard of all that can distract the most cautious of us, are those beautiful Colombian women who don’t seem to understand that by using the sidewalks they are making the roads unsafe.

Three cows in the middle of the Colombian highway
Colombian road sign warning of rodents
Colombian road sign warning of foxes
Colombian road sign warning of lizards
Colombian road sign warning of monkeys
Colombian road sign warning of snakes
Colombian road sign warning of tree anteaters
A white and black anteater in a tree
A grey and black anteater in a tree
Sloth in a tree with a baby
Road sign warning of crabs