One whole and two half-cut Quararibea cordata fruits cut in half exposing orange pulp and two large dark-colored seeds
Quararibea cordata (South American Sapote)

Native to Colombia it is called zapote in Colombia and is usually drank as a juice with milk. It can also be eaten raw, however the quality of the fruit varies from bland to sweet. Colombia considers Matisia cordata as the scientific name. There seventy-one native species of the genus, Quararibea and Matisia. Photographed in the western Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Occidental).

A Quararibea cordata fruit cut in half in hand exposing glistening orange pulp
A cluster of mature light brown Quararibea cordata fruit on a tree branch surrounded by bromeliads
Six yellow Quararibea cordata pistils covered with white stamens
Quararibea cordata tree branch with yellow flower buds and one peach-yellow flower with five yellow pistals covered with white stamens and one yellow style
Five yellow Quararibea cordata flowers
Cluster of Quararibea cordata flower buds and two peach-color flowers
A cluster of green Quararibea cordata flower buds and three yellow flowers
A Quararibea cordata branch with green flower buds and one yellow flower
Clusters of Quararibea cordata flower and flower buds
Clusters of Quararibea cordata flower and flower buds in sunlight
One yellow Quararibea cordata flower
Light green fruit forming from a Quararibea cordata tree branch
The view looking up at Quararibea cordata tree with flowers from underneath the tree