Red palma fruit in Barranquilla

Colombia has a large number of number of native palm species.

Palma with orange ripe fruits in Cordillera Central
Palma with red fruit in Cordillera Central close-up
Palma with green fruit in Cordillera Central
Chamaedorea seifrizii branch
Palma with orange and white fruit and flowers
Palma with yellow and white flowers
Palma with red stems in Cordillera Central
Orange and still green fruits of a Palm
Palma with yellow flowers close-up in bloom
Palma with white flowers and a red squiral eatting the fruit
Palma with yellow flowers
Palma white Flowers
Palma pink Flowers
Palma tree
Palma tree
Palma with green and maroon fruits
Green narrow palms leaves in front and back of narrow orange palm strands
Palma with green and golden leafs
Palma plant with cloudy sky in background
Palm tree blooms in clusters of yellow flowers