Purple flower of a Meriania nobilis close-up
Meriania nobilis

A beautiful tree native to Colombia, incredibly I had never seen this tree listed in any tropical book. It has large leather-like leaves with large flowers that open up red and turn purple and then lavender. Blooms year-round and grows in the cooler tropical climates.The tree can be seen in the President´s residents in Bogotá. The climate in Bogotá is unique. The average high is 66 and the average low is 45, with only a few degrees of variation all year. Half the days of the year will have light rainfall, about 33 inches per year. Even in the chilly air many tropical and sub tropical plants do well here.

A cluster of red and purple Meriania nobilis flowers
Purple Meriania nobilis flower
A cluster of purple Meriania nobilis flowers in a tree
Purple Meriania nobilis flower
A red Meriania nobilis flower
A cluster of Meriania nobilis in flowers