A hill in the middle of urban Manizales

A small city with a metropolitan population of 500,000. At 7,000 feet in the Central Andes Mountain Range the temperature is cool with highs in the low 60s and lows in the mid 50s with year round rain of over sixty inches. Manizales is in the coffee region and a gateway for tours to the 17,000 foot volcano Nevado del Ruiz.

High-rises of Manizales in the middle of the city with mountains in the background
South Manizales with the green Andes mountains in the background
Central Manizales with mountains in the background
The terrain dropping from western Manizales
A bronze beast of burden bull
The Mountains looking west from Manizales
Mountains and countryside west of Manizales
The Mountain highway leading up to Manizales from the west
A dark Neo-Gothic Cathedral
A white church with wooden windows and doors
A white church with a red roof on top of a hill