Looking down at a small Euphorbia millii plant with green leaves and red bracts
Euphorbia millii (Crown of Thorns)

Always in bloom in the warm regions of Colombia and over-used on the Caribbean coast. Sometimes used as a bedding plant. The small red bract variety is the most common. Areas like Pereira and Armenia with often have larger colored bract varieties. Photographed in Barranquilla and Medellin.

Small red Euphorbia millii bracts in sunlight with small yellow flowers
Euphorbia millii with pink flowers
A beautiful cluster of Euphorbia millii red and pink bracts under sunlight
Red petal-like bracts with pink marks covered in raindrops and with small Euphorbia millii flowers
Yellow with orange bract Euphorbia bracts and brown throns
Two Euphorbia millii plants one with small red breats and the other with large leaves and red-orange bracts