Yellow Canna indica flowers with orange spots
Canna indica

Popular in gardens throughout Colombia. It was cultivated by indigenous peoples of Colombia for the rhizomes. Photographed in Bogotá and the department of Quindio.

Bright red Canna indica flower in sunlight with yellow markings
A bright orange Canna indica flower
Two rose-pink Canna indica flowers covered in raindrops
Wet orange flowers of a canna indica
Yellow Canna indica flower
A cluster of rose-pink Canna indica flowers covered in raindrops
Yellow Canna indica flower with patches of orange
A flower spike full of purplish buds and one orange flower
Orange flower with yellow markings
Rose pink Canna indica flowers
Orange Canna indica flower below pointed upright flower buds
A group of Canna indica plants with large green leaves and spikes of orange flowers
Fashionable five year old girl in front of a row of Canna indica plants