Bougainvillea with purple and white bracts inter-mixed with the red and white flowers of the quisqualis in Barranquilla

One of the most popular tropical vines in Colombia, however many will keep it in shrub form. Bougainvilleas are more common on the coast than the interior.This particular Bougainvillea intertwined with another vine (Quisqualis indica) has colored bracts of purple or white on the same plant. The flowers are inconspicuous. All the vibrant colors are available in Colombia. Few will have it in tree form, which could easily be attained in this hot climate. In Southern California it is common to sell bushes and vines as standards (in tree form), yet I have never seen this done in Colombia with any plant even though the warm climate makes the possibilities greater for styling such plants in to trees. Bougainvillea grows vigorously, needs no supplemental water, and with its thorns can provide added protection and beautification for walls. Many Colombians have walls surrounding their side and back property and use multi-colored, broken bottles cemented to the top of the wall as another layer of protection. It is very ugly and can easily be breached by breaking the glass off the portion of the wall you want to scale. Like most things in Colombia, walls are rarely maintained. It would be much better to hide the broken glass and dirty walls with Bougainvilleas or other vines for added security and beauty. Having this vine growing on top of the roof would also provide added protection and beautification. Many houses are robbed via the roof where tile or shingles are easily lifted to allow access inside. Again, most Colombians donĀ“t maintain anything, so roofs lose their color quickly and turn dreary. This vine can provide color and a couple of feet of layered protection. It is a simple and inexpensive improvement, yet not done in Colombia where security is a concern, but beautifying your surroundings is not. Photographed in Barranquilla.

Bougainvillea white flower
Bougainvillea dark pink bracts
Bougainvillea white flower
Red colored Bougainvillea in Colombia
Bougainvillea red white flower
Bougainvillea dark pink bracts
Bougainvillea white bracts
Close up of a purple colored bougainvillea in Barranquilla
Bougainvillea with purple bracts
Light pink colored bougainvillea in Colombia
Bougainvillea vine white
Bougainvillea orange bracts with blue sky background
Pink colored bougainvillea in Colombia
Rose colored Bougainvillea in Barranquilla
White colored bougainvillea in Colombia
Red colored Bougainvillea
Bougainvillea shrub
Golden and yellow colored bougainvillea in Barranquilla
Red colored bougainvillea in Colombia