Bogotá Botanical Gardens rose garden
Bogotá Botanical Garden

This beautiful garden is world-class, expansive, and generally well manicured, though at times parts are unkempt. Entry fee is only a couple of dollars and you can easily spend days enjoying the beauty. During the work-week surprisingly few people are in attendance. You and your girlfriend can almost frolic in the nude as if it were your own private Eden. Well maybe not. It can be quite chilly. I am amazed by the variety of flowering sub-tropical and tropical plants that grow in Bogotá considering the year-round average low is in the 40´s with a high only in the 60´s. Bogotá has light rain half the days of the year. Garden staff will often search your belongings before you leave the garden.

Bogotá Botanical rose garden and fountain on a sunny day
Colombia Bogotá rose gardens
Colombia Bogotáa Rose Garden and grass walkway
Colombia Bogotá Rose Garden and palm trees
Red Anigozanthos flowers Bogotá garden sunny day
Statue and flower in Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Water fountain and flowers in Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Bogotá, Colombia Botanical Rose Garden
ogotá, Colombia Botanical Rose Gardens
Palm tress and roses in Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Palm trees parallel a walkway through the rose garden
Palm trees parallel a walkway through the rose garden
Bogotá, Colombia Botanical Gardens
Palm tree and fork walkway
Palm trees parallel a walkway through the rose garden
Desert landscape and pond at Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Photinia serrulata along a path at Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Fern tree in Bogotá, Botanical Gardens
Rose Garden on a sunny day with palm trees an mountains in the background