Attractive Colombian woman with a Blue and Yellow Macaw on her arm
Ara ararauna (Blue and Yellow Macaw)

Ara ararauna (Blue and Yellow Macaw). A well raised and trained macaw can make a good pet under the proper conditions. You have to restrict where they can go or unsupervised they will bite and destroy anything they can reach. They will make an awful screeching scream, sometimes early in the morning or when they are in need of company, which means you need a very large yard so they can be away from your neighbors and bedroom. You can buy a very young hand-fed macaw for under $100 dollars in Colombia. The outdoor markets will sell (normally illegally) all types of exotic colorful birds and animals.

A blue and yellow upside down Ara ararauna
Ara ararauna yellow breast
A red, blue and yellow colored Ara Macao (Scarlet Macaw) and an Ara ararauna blue and yellow Macaw
Ara ararauna blue and yellow Macaw on a branch
A blue and yellow Ara ararauna  hanging on a branch
A blue and yellowAra ararauna hanging upside down from a branch
Blue and Yello Macaw on top of a chewed tree branch with blue sky in the background