Green flower surrounded by red
Anigozanthos rufus (Kangaroo Paws)

Photographed in Bogotá where it is always in bloom. Grows in a range from 5,000 feet to 9,000 feetl

A beautiful red and green Anigozanthos flower glistening in sunlight
A light green flower surrounded by red velvet flowers
Lovely lone green flower with red
Sunny green flower with yellow stamens in a cluster of red
Red velvety flower shaped like a kangaroo paw
A striking red colored anigozanthos rufus flowers
Beautiful green lower with yellow stamens
Blazing velvet red flower buds and one green flower
Hairy green flower with yellow stamens
A sea of red flowers with a lone green flower
Bright red Kangaroo Paws flowers
Green and red flowers in front of a green background
A cluster of red flowers on tall spikes
A large round bed of red Kangaroo Paws