A hand holding a sliced Cahew
Anacardium occidentale (Cahew)

While native to Colombia it is not widely cultivated. In the supermarkets cashews are relatively expense. It is called marañón in Colombia and is sold on the streets in bottled jars where a different roasting process makes the cashew darker and crunchier. I actually did not recognize it as a cashew the first time I ate it. The highly perishable fruit below the cashew seed is edible and normally used for juice; however it is not commonly sold. The juice is astringent. Inside the shell is is a caustic liquid that will burn you, so to get at the nut which can also be eaten fresh you need to be very careful to avoid the liquid. Photographed in Barranquilla.

A hand holding a Cahew
Anacardium occidentale fruit
Anacardium occidentale fruit
Still green Cahews hanging from the tree
A handfull of Cashews
Cahew's blooming pink and white flowers